Optimal Place to build

I’ve been reading up on the 3 engineering complexes. The Azbel, Raitaru and Sotiyo all give a 1% reduction in materials for manufacturing jobs so I guess the if your making smaller ships you can use ANY of those structures and get the same material reduction cost.

I suppose then that to reduce this material cost even more you would need to go the low sec or high sec (or WH space) AND have specific T2 rigs. which looking at he modifiers Null/WH space seems to be the best.

If this is correct, Would the following rigs be sufficient (in a Sotiyo in null or WH space) for giving me the best/lowest materials needed to buid the ships in game? or would any other rigs/things be needed to reduce the material cost further?

Assuming a Sotiyo
Standup XL-Set Ship Manufacturing Efficiency II
Standup XL-Set Structure and Component Manufacturing Efficiency II

Don’t forget the bean-counter implants, which give up to +4% material efficiency for building ships.

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They would not be your best choice. Look up the price and then calculate how long you will need to gather the mats and how long it will take to recover the cost. T1 rigs are more than sufficient for most tasks. T2 are only good for alliance held Sotiyos that produce big things non-stop.

thanks @elitatwo I forgot about those

@Zhalyd_Lyehin - it is more for looking at what infratructure a corp has that I may join rather than something id be settig up myself

Are you sure they give a +4% material efficiency? I tough they were only giving a reduction in manufacturing time.


ah ok, whilst useful, i am more interested in the reduction of material cost.

Are there any implants that give an increase to material efficiency?

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