Returning Player

Hello there guys.

I been out of the game for the past 4 years…after looking for some info. Theres something i do not understand yet.

It seems the way to T2 Manufacturing is doing it on Engineering Complex (am i right?) no more NPC Stations.

Is there any online tool to look for the proper Engineering Complex to start my Manufacturing? or should i jump around doing it? What about Index? does it exist on Complexes?


Just use mogul or IChooseYou if you want to make sure they don;t go unfuelled (or anchor your own).

System cost index does exist and it does apply to citadels.

NPC stations are still there, but you’re paying a premium to use them and time penalty. And the system index is usually terrible.

There’s plenty of public Upwell structures you can use, but you want to look for one that is rigged to what you want to do, preferably, as there’s the innate structure bonus (Raitaru or one of the bigger engineering Upwells), but there’s also further bonuses based on the rigs that the owner fits (if any).

Also bear in mind that using public has the inherent risk of losing access or the structure being attacked.

No this isnt correct, one of the IChooseYou hubs in hek went poof a couple of weeks ago. And everything got moved to safety.

Yeah… well, 2 months ago no one would think that TEST is going to come and bash all ICY structures…

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