What is the lightest and most expensive product?

I live in null sec and am looking to make products in industry. I have all the minerals needed but am curious what would be some really light (m3) products that bring in decent isk. Reason I ask is because I’m looking to jump freighter into Jita and the isk per m3 can be pretty taxing ranging from 500-800isk per m3.

People will rarely share their jackpot with you, it means less ISK for them. Try and search it yourself :slight_smile:


And if they do, it’s very likelt it will be a random generic answer.
“build cap modules lol”.

My guess is ammo…

Don’t need to worry as much about volume if you sell locally :brain:


you understand that your question is like asking to a gold digger in Klondike “hey man, where can i find a large gold mine?”

T2 rigs, except I don’t know how well they can sell in null, I’ve only been making them in HS.

And you need science skills, both for making them and inventing blueprints needed to make them.

Salvage required to make them may be the lightest material in the game in terms of m3.

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Oh and there’s more - I don’t know how much you know about invention but you’ll also need data cores for inventing and BPOs of t1 rigs to get steady supply of blueprint copies for inventing.
Be prepared there’s a lot of science skills but 2 good things here are
1 they overlap to some degree
2 level 3 for science skills is enough for a start, I think it’s up to a day of training per skill or not much more.

Prerequisite skills for many science skills are CPU and Powegrid management which also help in fitting any ship.
The other 2 are Mechanics and Science.
All of this 4 need to be level 5 if you want to make any rig but at the same time no rig needs all 4 so you can 1st train part of them and get the rest when you want to expand your industry.
Just Science needs to be 5 for all science skills.

As you can see it’s all complicated so double or triple check before you go into it. Check local market and alliance doctrine fits to get to know what you want to start with.

Be prepared t2 stuff takes a lot of time. And you need both science queues and production queues. However even though training into it may be complicated, it doesn’t take that long - 1,5 months to get all prerequisites, about 2 months to get quite a few science skills, taking character neural remap into account for intelligence and memory skills. So you can add alts on the same account to get more industry queues within not a bad time.
Of course you’ll need Advanced Mass Production and Advanced Laboratory Operation. If I remember correctly these are calculated in this 1,5 month training.

Also for inventing small t2 rig blueprint copies I recommend Augmentation decryptors because if invention succeeds with them you get t2 bpcs which you can set to produce rigs with for the whole day because you have I think 10 runs on them.

I also recommend this site to learn what you need for what http://www.eve-cost.eu/invention

I mean they are needed for science skills you need for invention and production. Sorry about confusion in this part.

So I looked into the site you linked to, and it looks very neat. However I’m struggling with linking it to my EVE account. I get a message saying something about APIs being removed from game. And from what I can see the site has not been updated since 2016. Do you know anything about that?

I have to check the not updated since 2016, stuff like invention math using various things hasn’t changed since so it should work.

But the linking account part looks like it can’t be done. API was the sort of the thing where without the need to give your login and password you can share your in game information to some 3rd party tool or CEO of corporation you want to join. All stuff or only some stuff like what skills you have, where are you, also even your wallet transactions, mails and so on if you can trust the entity which needs this and if it needs it at all. You choose and 3rd party apps often don’t need much, for example wormhole mapping tool Tripwire won’t even allow you to give it more information that it needs, which is location and if you’re online or not. It sends some sort of request to ccp site for that and there the scope of info needed auto generates, you just confirm. Many work like that.

The thing is there is new tech CCP has been making for some time for the same thing. The old API is gone and the new thing for that in game info is ESI (a new type of API). Looks like eve-cost didn’t switch to ESI and guy behind it just stopped development, which is a shame.
Some info on ESI https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/ESI

So math should work but gotta check manually each thing and if you have a lot of stuff check then save it somehow, maybe screenshots. And eve cost I think used some old price check site that got closed down, not sure if it can check prices anymore for the summaries. Not sure what are the alternatives at this time. Right away I can just recommend Uni Wiki page for 3rd party projects that support activity in Eve in one way or another.
And what I wrote about decryptors and stuff if you’re going for T2 rigs. Just the matter of cost vs income.

Basic stuff you just go to a trade hub, check a small or medium T2 rig for start and then there should be info button on the same page or list of them. Get the T2 rig you check info window, go to Industry tab, double click the blueprint on top and in the next page click buy all materials button right below the list of materials on the bottom, then a window will pop up listing all stuff and prices for you to compare. You just need to be exactly in the trade hub station. And don’t forget skills to make AND invent.
I think I can recommend to check small and medium hyperspatial rigs for start, the ones to warp faster. Back in the day they were easiest pick to sell a lot for good price but I don’t know about now.

Weight is determined by the heaviness, or mass, of the particular item, and is measured with the use of a scale. Not very relevant in Eve
Volume is the amount of space that an item you are measuring takes up. What really matters…

Thanks for all the info. I will study this.

Hi mate if you need help on t2 Indy, feel free to mail me

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