T3 industry

Does anyone have any guides, or know of any? I want to get into T3 production but am a little lost as it differs from other production.

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This may help start you.

T3 is actually quite similar to T2. You invent using Ancient Relics and manufacture using subsystem components. You can’t manufacture in an NPC station - player owned structures only.

If you want to participate in additional links in the value chain, you can build the subsystem components using ancient salvage and polymer materials. These can be purchased in Jita and manufactured in player owned structures.

The ancient and polymer materials come from Wormholes so you’ll need to go there if you want to build from “scratch”. I haven’t looked at T3 for a couple of years. At that time you could buy hulls and subsystems in Jita cheaper than you could build them. The profits were (and probably still are) made in Wormholes.

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profit can be good if you do the whole thing yourself (as in Invention, Reactions, Components, Hull/Subsystems).
But the training time to get there is quite long… several high tier skills to 5…


i can do the invention, but based in hi sec so will be buying the finished reaction parts. I do have access to a lot of moons tho so could come to an arrangement for reacting them

You can’t do reactions in highsec. I suppose you could buy fullerenes in Jita, react them in lowsec (assuming you can find a refinery with a hybrid reactor) and build subsystem components in highsec but I’m not sure the value added by that step is sufficient to justify the risk. I simply bought the polymer materials.

For invention I used optimized attainment decryptors - ancient relics are expensive and lots of runs per copy. One of the few situations where I found decryptors worth the cost.

As I said above. I’ll buy the reaction products, not do the reactions.

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