How to know which components are needed for T3 subsystem invention

I feel like I’m missing something easy to find somewhere because I can’t find this info anywhere. I’m looking for which relics and other items are needed for T3 subsystem invention. Is there a guild somewhere online or in game?

Thanks for any help.

Not near the game at the moment.
The normal trick I’d try is open the information panel for the item/module.
Look in the industry tab and you should see the blueprint that is used to make it.
Open that in industry (right click menu) - or via opening the information panel for that blueprint.

Can’t guarantee as I’m not in game at the moment and I don’t do T3 subsystems. I’ve not even looked - I just don’t touch hulls and view subsystems the same way.


Hey, thanks for the reply.

I did look all through that, only the materials needed to make the item itself are there, not the invention materials.

I found this, not sure if its what you want


Thanks for the replies, I finally found it. What I was looking for ended up being in the industry tab of the relic themselves. I didn’t actually know what these were so I must not have checked them.