Info tab on items (industry)

what is this as i thought it could be how many materials it takes to build one (depending on what % off of research 1-10% cheaper but on the breacher frigate under info it states 13333 tritanium 3333 pyerite 1333 mexallon but when i go to make them with blueprint maxed out its 28.80k tritanium 5400 pyerite 2250 mexallon 450 isogen how can someone decide what blueprints to buy to research and make an item if all the info dose not match ???
Thanks all i now know i was in error but i think there should be a tab for how much it costs to build the ship / item

Those are the materials returned by reprocessing the ship.

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oh ok well i think there should be a tab for making the ship aswell , but thanks for info

There is. Click on the Blueprint shown above the Reprocessed Materials. Since required materials vary depending on research level of the BP, it makes sense to only list the required materials there.

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thanks for info , you can tell i am new to the game lol

I can tell, yes. But that’s fine. You asked in the right place and learned something in the process. That’s all that really matters. :slight_smile:


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