[BUG] Incorrect / Outdated "refine_materials" data set

As title says the “refine_materials” attribute for ships seem to be outdated or wrong. E.g. with Celestis.

All of the values for refine_materials are wrong. For example → Tritanium (id 34) should be 405 000 instead of 400 000. I tried a couple of different ships and most of them had incorrect data.

I’ll look into this.

The list is sourced from https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/dump/latest/invTypeMaterials.csv

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The list you linked has the same “incorrect” data… unless i’m missing something.

Example: Celestis (id 633)

Ingame (Blueprint)

the fuzzwork dump which is also the same as the excel add-in

Ah I see, refine materials is the list of items you can reprocess the item to, not what it takes to build it.

That’d be EVEONLINE.BLUEPRINT(633).manufacturing.materials

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Ooohhh… thanks a lot, my bad then… sorry

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