BPOs, Material and ship manufacturing

At the moment I have a BPO for making the Venture which needs the following materials:

Tritanium - 22,401 Units
Pyerite - 6,700 Units
Mexallon - 670 Units
Isogen - 400 Units
Nocxium - 45 Units
Zydrine - 20 Units

So I’m trying to track down a list of other ships that can be manufactured simply and easily using standard types of ore similar to the Venture.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Any T1 ship.

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Any? Is there a list somewhere of T1 ships then, please?


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love my venture. called him The Dirty Bastard. I will never give him up.


I hope you are not cleaning the ship to keep it true to its name, it will look like a true dirty bastard over time

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This site hasn’t been updated in a couple of years but the build requirements of T1 ships hasn’t changed. It will show you the material requirement for every level of ME research and where the blueprint is seeded if you want to buy one. http://games.chruker.dk/eve_online/market.php?group_id=204

This site will show you how much you can expect to make (or lose) when you sell it https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/?typeid=32880

Ventures are currently selling about 30% below build cost.

There are some profitable frigates but you’ll need a fully researched blueprint and you’ll need to build 10 or more in a batch to get full value from the ME bonus. You’ll also need to look for an engineering complex with a low system cost index and a low tax rate.

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Thanks Do_Little they’re brilliant links. Thanks as well to Corwin_Dnari your link was really useful too.

What is the build cost?
Are you talking about Production Cost?
Are you talking about buying minerals or ores + production cost? (that is wrong to do if done from the market)
Are you talking about mining ore then reprocessing it? (most cost effective)

What build cost are you talking about here?
I am asking because most 3rd party calculators are actually rubbish.

Why should that be wrong?

Is it really that cost-effective? Did you consider opportunity cost?

Have a look at the source given, it is going to help.

Is that what you think? How do you prove your assessment?

Open the linked tool: https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/?typeid=32880
Set your facility, system, blueprint ME/TE and number of runs.

I believe the material cost is current Jita sell order pricing. Steve does correctly calculate the job cost based on the system cost index of the system you select. He will also calculate the invention cost for T2 items.

You may be able to source the material at lower cost (or mine it yourself) but, for a quick and easy way to determine whether or not something is worth building right now, it does an excellent job.

Whether you are buying the minerals or mining them, why not build a ship you can make a profit on like the Epithal: https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/blueprint/?typeid=655?

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I used to make alot selling bestowers at Dodixie. they were slow to sell but the margins were nice.

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Do Little,

Help this mathematically-challenged fellow by explaining this further, please:

“…build 10 or more in a batch to get full value from the ME bonus.”

Minerals like Zydrine and Megacyte are used in quite small quantities and you need to be using at least 100 to get any advantage from the Engineering Complex 1% ME bonus.

10 is a rule of thumb I used back in the dark ages before T3D when I could build AFs profitably. POS ME bonus in those days was 2%. I’m sure it varies from hull to hull but seems to work for the Zydrine requirement for the Venture.

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1.) I dont use the 3rd party calculators for the reasons i described, which are rubbish for brand new players trying to make sense of things.

2.) I produce 60 Billion Isk per month in “Profits” building and selling T1 stuff (though of course my corp does build other things besides T1 items)

From just an Industry point of view, buying from market instead of procuring yourself will make many things unprofitable at all, and slim the profit margins on other things up to 45% when it comes to T1

Strange advice, I wouldn’t start recommending to build up own XLSs and API-calls to a newbie … also calculating profits on each stage of the chain is crucial to make the right decisions what to buy/sell and invest play time most efficiently. 60B profit means nothing if you include mining.

If an item is unprofitable if you didn’t source your own minerals, you would have made more profit by just selling the minerals. That’s math.

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