Industry cost not worth it anymore see thrasher costs below

I have a a break and come back i use to make smaller ships to sell ventures thrashers etc mine most of the ore but i use to buy isogen on the market i never made loads but i like it , now old ore needed for Threasher 80K tritanium 15K pyerite 5k mexallon 1K isogen now the new ones tritanium 728K pyerite 136k mexallon 45k isogen 9k and thats just the first ship i have checked i know you doubled the ore in the rocks but why change how much ore is needed for making items looking at market price everyone i sell i losse 1.6m isk i use to make 500K isk per sale as i use to mine the high sec ores , i have now stopped making anything and will just sell the ore i use to enjoy that part of the game thanks for nothing.

For a single ship If you use a blueprint at ME10, even in a station and without any rigs to further reduce the required materials, you are isk positive, without factoring the installation costs. Move to a citadel with rigs and you can reduce these material costs further.

If you shop around for the minerals and the right facilities you, should be able to make some isk on these.


Shameless self promotion there :wink:

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Oswold Saraki Thanks for reply and yes it was non researched blueprint but with a a maxed out thrasher copy i have still uses 4455 isogen which is still 4x what it was which still makes it cheaper to go and buy one than make it lol but i still think they need it put back to how it was before just becasue u double an ore in low sec dose not mean there now loads of it about, thanks all

I make money every day with industry. Just don’t sell thrashers?

I don’t love what CCP did with the values also but saying you can’t make money just means you didn’t researched. There are tons of venues.

Thrashers were making good money some months ago then everyone noticed like they always do.

Making just one thing every time isn’t a viable strategy for selling T1 at Jita since forever.

If you want some tips i can help you out :slight_smile:

Frigates and destroyers are almost always selling below cost. I blame the frequent BPC login rewards and the inexperienced players who think “what i mine is free” not realizing they could make more by selling their ores outright.


I allways listen to help if u message me in game any tips i will be vey grateful thanks

I dont know how much impacth it have, but when ppl are doing the carrer agents, they get a industrial,venture and some frigates as a reward.

This doesn’t make any sense to me, If one thrasher takes only 1000 isogen how can your copy say you need 4455?. Is your maxed out bp set for 5 runs?

I could be tired and missing something though lol. Very possible.

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