Tech 3 BPC problems

Hello its been awhile since Ive done industry, I have all the required skills, the required input materials and the tech 3 BPC and Im at a station that allows invention but I keep getting the message" this blueprint cant be used at this facility". What am I doing wrong??? Help!!!

Well if you already have a T3 blueprint you don’t have to use invention on it. You need to manufacture it, Inventions are used on Ancient Relics (the BPC with yellow background).

You can’t do T3 invention at NPC stations. Take the relic to an Engineering Complex for invention.

You cannot build the actual T3 module or ship in an NPC station. These must be built in an engineering complex with an online manufacturing array. You can build the T3 sub system parts in an NPC station just not the finished product.
As the folks above state, if you have a T3 BPC… it has already been “invented” from a relic. Like the final product build, invention of T3 BPCs from relics can only be done in an engineering complex. Must be fitted with a online Standup Invention Lab.

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