WTS Set-up capable of handling all of T3 manufacturing

As mentioned in the title, this set-up can handle all of T3 manufacturing, and successfully has on several occasions in the past. Everything under “Included” must be sold as a package deal.

3 T2-rigged Tataras, all in different systems. This lets you handle the entire T3 reaction chain while keeping cost index under 8%-9%.
4 T2-rigged Raitarus (each one with different rigs), all in different systems with Amarr outposts. This lets you handle the entire T3 manufacturing chain while keeping cost index under 3% for comps and under 5% for cruisers/destroyers.

About 30k Ancient Relics w/ datacores and decryptors. No useless ones, just the ones that make profit.
(assorted subs/destroyers/cruiser blueprints that are left-over from my last batches. free of charge. they’re worth something, but less than 5bil so screw it)

420 Reaction formulas, in the correct ratio necessary to handle full game demand.

Many (something like 320) component blueprints, fully researched to 10/20, in the correct ratio necessary to handle full game demand.

And most importantly, the software and toolchain that turns this set-up from requiring 50 hours of daily gameplay to only requiring about 2 hours of daily gameplay, much of that doable over the phone.

24 characters skilled to make comps and subs (and invent). All are necessary in order to handle the full demand. They will run their manufacturing lines 24/7 if you handle the full game’s demand, and you will go crazy running their invention lines every hour.

84 characters skilled to make destroyers and cruisers. Not all are necessary in order to handle the full demand, but each set of 14 characters is able to produce a different ship, to account for the flow of popularity and allow for easier multiboxing.
42 of these characters also handle reactions.

8 JF characters and Nomads.

All characters are fully optimized for sp farming.

Mother of God.

Wonder how much is that? 0,25T for everything?

5B now

5B bid noted. I’d prefer 200bil, since that should be just under what I’d get by dumping-to-Jita everything sellable

So 2 hours too much effort for you?

Those people in this sub-community that know me, know that I suffer pretty badly from the anxiety -> depression disorder spectrum. The only reason I do things, especially in Eve, is because they feel personally fulfilling. So yeah, with this starting to not feel personally fulfilling for periods of 10 days in a row, 2 hours a day is too much effort for me. If I was just skipping a day or two now and then, it’d be a mood thing, but skipping 10 days at a time increasingly often indicates that I’m just not into it anymore.

Also, errata: I say 200bil was what I could get by dumping everything to Jita. I just checked that number and it’s actually only 100bil (I forgot structure rigs were unrecoverable, and those T2 rigs are the pricey ones). And that’s the infrastructure stuff: BPOs, relics, decryptors, structures. I’m not including any actual raw materials like WH gas or ribbons, because those I can easily eat up with a day or two of effort.



Reading your post brought back some old memories, I’m surprised our paths have not crossed before now – they probably actually did, in Jita .01 isking each other selling T3 subs and hulls.

An old in game friend, RAW23 introduced me to T3 manufacturing back in 2010, I crafted 13 dedicated toons just for T3, started with subs and then moved to hulls, I’d pump out 143 hulls about every 15hrs, 7 days a week. Talking about OCD, I’d set my alarm clock for the middle of the night to deliver hulls and start the next 143. I had my supply chain finely tuned and optimized. Also had additional toons in separate corps for buying/selling and another for hauling. All in an attempts to hide my T3 indy corp from being traced back from a selling or hauling toon. Nothing like getting a wardec with 30bil of mats tied up in indy jobs you can’t delivery until the next day.

For many of years T3 was an isk faucet, but as time passed the field started getting more crowded with other T3 industrialists, more and more market manipulations (some driven by CCP themselves IMO), I ended up spending more and more time .01 isking my sell orders than building anything. As it starting becoming more of a chore, I lost interest and moved on to other things.

Based on your post about, you out classed me in every aspect of T3 manufacturing. Good job, hate to see you exit the field. I still have my BPO’s, a ton of BPC’s, relics, and 130bil in raw mats sitting in hanger with the thought of jumping back in some day.

Best of luck on your next journey.



Just fyi Maxx, building in null-sec (5% ME reduction) with the right decryptor (2-5% ME reduction) adds up to like a total 20% ME reduction to materials needed for T3Cs

I’ve received a couple of bids in the 150-170bil range, just as an update to the thread.

do you sell them one by one?

No. Not one by one.

Just a hint, if you scam Arisha out of her ISK, she will double and send the same amount to you again. She promised to do in the German sub forum.

are you kidding me? can you pls stop spaming all over the forum? here we try to make serius business… please do not disturb us

Contact me for selling of T3 chain… ready to go now

I made this for ICY btw: https://vimeo.com/263296894

205bil bid for just the infrastructure, no characters, received

Probag, seeing as it is possible to make copies of them, have you considered selling just the programs and instructions? If so, what amount were you thinking? Thanks.

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