WTS 19.9M SP Hulk / Indy - This char

  • Positive wallet
  • Standings positive
  • No kill rights
  • Can fly all exhumers and minmatar T2 haulers
  • Can make most T2 items + invention
  • 3 Remaps left
  • Max trade skills

Located Jita 4-4


No thank you. I can make 15 billion by extracting the skills. I’m looking for someone who wants a good miner and industrial alt, not to extract.

i’ll send you 1 billion free isk right now if you can show me the math that will net you more than 15 billions by extracting the skill points. go on… i’m waiting.

Char has 14.5 mil SP extractable. Thats 29 extractors @500k sp each, no? 29 x 900 mil each thats 26.1 bil. Subtract the cost of the extractors and you get about 14 bil, my bad not 15 bil, net profit. Its around there.

anyway you’ve to exclude extractor price lol

LSI x 1 = 850m
extractor = 420m
extractable sp = 14.9m
14.9 x (850m -420m) =?

Sry my mistake,
(14.9/0.5) x (850-420)

first of all, you can’t get 900mil for injector even using sell order in Jita. The sell order price has been between 880mil and 885mil. After broker fee and sale tax, you’ll get about 840 to 845mil. with your calculation, you assumed to get 900mil net profit by selling 1 injector (which is completely wrong!). also, don’t forget to include sale+broker fees when buying your skill extractors using buy order. I have a calculator that does all that calculation taking into account all fees using Jita’s buy/sell order for best price. a 20mil SP pilot is worth about 12.8 billions if extracted with the current jita price for extractor/injector.

16.5b offer

Your math is wrong, its not 14.9 mil SP, you extract in increments of 500,000k, so its double that. I did not forget the extractor

850 m - 420m = 430m net per extractor
Extractors: 14.9M / 0.5M = 28 extractors
430M x 28 = 15 BIl.


Noted, thank you.

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ahahaha… you might want to use a calculator to run “430M x 28”. it does not equal 15 bil…

How 430mx28 is 15 b?

Yes that is correct, the profit is actually 12,880M given the market price. My answer is still no.

I’ll bid 17bil

20B, speed response

Thanks for the bid, will advise shortly.

Yes, please reply quickly

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