WTS Rorqual pilot.
*Skills===T2 industrial core+ ancillary shield booster+T2 Shield Command bursts+T2 Capital remote shield booster

*Positive wallet and zkillboard
*Positive man at all )
Char will be in Jita 4-4.
Starting bid 22B.
ready from sale sunday after football France-croatia or next weekdays :))

drone interfacing 4, I’ll bid 15bil.


U guys so bad.

I bid 15.5b.

If sell me imedently, 16b is okay.

Why so bad? Do U can build better with15 mils SP ? ) =35 Large skill injectors x 735kk(market price)==25 bilj. +price for Omega time
T2 fit take a lot of sp…if You can build much better 15kk sp - post here)

Why would I want to buy a 15m character here if I can inject one?

Because inject 15m SP cost you 25-27kkk isn`t? Or maybe too much beer…or… ^^^

repeat my offer: 15.5b. If accept now, I’ll send you 16b.

Eto said what I wanna say.





No longer selling, thanks.

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