WTS 15M SP Rorq Pilot

Only Bids over 15M Accepted!

15M SP in Injectorsthat would be about 21m SP is 7B pr 5M SP

Send me a Mail if interested and i link you skills

11b offer

If u read my trade post it says only bids over 15M accepted

Retracted. Sills all over the place


I offer 12B, Toon isnt worth 15B. Not rorq focused skills and extractable injectors is only 20. At 640M per injector right now that’s a little over 12B

I can offer 13B,you had about 700K useless fighter skill,no Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core skill

You need to follow CCP’s rules for character sales which you can read here at Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Notably, you need to be in an NPC corp prior to making your sales thread and remain in the NPC corp throughout, and you need to make the disclosures found in Section C of the above link.

As you are not in an npc corporation, I will be closing your sales thread. You may relist your character for sale once all Character Bazaar rules are followed. Thank you.