For sale near perfect carrier and Max Rorq pilot.


Has very good missiles.

This pilot is an all around amazing toon.

Skill boards aren’t updating correctly, but I can assure corp/location, toon will be NPC Corp, Positive Wallet and in Jita upon purchase.

I will NOT entertain “extractor” offers.

Happy Bidding!

I can do 45B

I can do 55B by extracting. No thanks lmao

Daily Bump!

Your math is way off!

Are you okay?

Extractor cost = 263
Injector Cost = 615
615-263 = 352.
i have 155 extractions - 155x352 = 54,560.

How is my math way off sir??

Then why sell it for 50… lol

Your character is split trained and is therefor worth less to an average character, you may be able to get around 50 to 55 for it from a player that wants a Carrier/Super pilot but that’s a stretch with the indie changes. For extractors 44 to 46 is what we can work with, I have gotten 22 pilots / characters in the last 3 weeks and they are all in the same range. The titan pilot I got today was offered less than you and it had a 7b titan skill. I offered more to you because you had skills I could use. Anyways I do hope you can get 50+B but if not I’m here.

This character can fly in FAX/Carrier/Bomber/Interdictors/Tengu/Phoenix/Golem and can fly the Rorqual at MAX yeild - Has 12MSP in Missiles and 4M in Reprocessing for the rorq.

Just because this toon isnt ‘suited’ for you - Dont mean it isnt suited for other people, Quite frankly i dont care what your managing to buy toons for, There are toons at 70-80m going for 65B.

This account is focused, just not in the skills you probably want, but to someone who knows how to utilize the SP on this account, it is amazing. Max yield Rorqs get very nice isk/hr, and you can also go carrier ratting/pvping very well.

Please dont come on my post to try and devalue my character, because it’s not exactly fair, i will inform CCP anyway.

Good day.


He’s not devaluing your character. He’s providing a valuation. It’s topic relevant so CCP won’t help you here.


Daily Bumpp

I will offer 46 Bil

I’ll accept 50.

50B buyout, waiting for reply to send isk.



Send isk will transfer upon receipt. Will just need to transfer assets, take 1-2 hour :slight_smile:

Isk recieved,

Will begin transfer in 2 hours or so.


22 May 2021 00:53



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