What station should I go for

which station should my corpation go for were just looking into small stations.

I assume by station you mean “upwell structure”?

I would recommend the smallest and least expensive one that will allow you to fulfill your goals, and that you are confident you can defend.

Before you put up a structure, consider that eventually you will be wardeced over it. Is your corp ready and able to field a fleet and put up a fight?

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good thining am a part of a null sec alliance

If you are not concerned with defending it, then you need to ask what you want to do with it, and pick the appropriate structure from there.

Why is there no small engineering complex

I’d have thought a Raitaru with Standup Manufacturing Plant

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yeah I think they are I want to make players in my corp/alliance have somewhere to go to reprocess stuff as we just don’t have a station set up for that.

Reprocessing - EVE University Wiki.

“The Athanor refinery has a base rate of 51%, and the Tatara refinery has a base rate of 52%. These percentages can be increased up to 4% through the use of rigging in high-security space, more in low-security space, and even more in null-security space (including wormholes).”

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