Is Tatara much better than an Athanor?

I’m new to moon mining.

I’m thinking of setting up in a low sec system so I can try out moon mining. I have the place all picked out, and I really don’t mind putting up extra isk for the bigger station.

But only if it’s worth it. There is always a chance someone will roll through and blow it up, right? So a cheaper station means less risk.

But a 4% refining bonus vs 2% seems like it could make a difference.
And 25% fuel savings vs 20%

Is there anything else I should be factoring in?

Just don’t.
Join a corp that has one. Else you gonna get destroyed and that will make profit for the attacker.

I will consider that to be a vote in favor of the Athanor.

Or maybe I’ll downgrade to a Riataru? Since they’re even cheaper, and I can always build a manufacturing setup in highsec, I guess.

Low sec doesn’t give you any kind of a bonus for manufacturing prices, does it?

I can see now that the manufacturing rigs do give a bonus in low/null sec. A decently big one.

And large rigs cost quite a lot more than medium ones.

Makes sense, because your opponents can bring in caps to kill you faster.

Otherwise, I would be thinking a wardec is a wardec. So why would they kill my station if it’s in low, but not if it’s in high?

Because it’s there.

  • You don’t need to wardec you to hit a station outside of high-sec. No warning. Anytime. A wardec at least tells you to be alert and requires more pre-planning by an attacker.
  • An attacker is guaranteed to get a 700m ISK Core from an Athanor for their effort.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of effort to kill an industrial station - they aren’t as tough as a citadel. A small group can do it with relative ease.
  • If you found an unoccupied moon then good. But why is it unoccupied? Is it so poor that everyone else has decided it’s not worth the effort? Or did you spot it just after a previous “eviction”?

If you are a solo operator can you defend your station?

If you want savings in material costs and lower manufacturing costs there are plenty of other corporations that would welcome a keen industrialist. Eve is a social game. You can play solo, but it really comes alive when you are part of a group.


An athanor (800m) with a core of its size (600m) and a T2 rig (1,7B) gets better reprocessing than a Tatara (5B) with a core of its size (3,5B) and a T1 rig (4,5B)

Exclusive benefits of the Athanor:

  • Has more damage and defenses.
  • The reporcesing rig is good for ore, moon ore and ice ( athanor has specific rigs for each of the three )
  • Rorquals can dock.

I think that almost in every situation a Tatara is not worth.

Those are pretty good reasons.

I don’t want to discourage people from trying something they want to do. However, I would rather they went into it with a good understanding of the risks and issues that they will face - if you are content with those risks, go for it. The last thing I want to see is someone build a big ornate sandcastle and the local thug kicks it down for laughs completely demoralising someone and driving them away from the game.

I’ve worked within a group defending our citadels and attacking others in high-sec wars - some of the best fleets and operations I’ve been involved in. High-sec wars are fun because it’s not “just drop a capital fleet on it and keep escalating”. Eve really comes to life when you work with others.
And the first fleet warp where you are arriving together as the avenging fist of an angry god is a moment that will stay with you forever.

I am very aware my risk appetite is different to others.

Athanor is way better for cost Tatara is more for those huge NS alliances that need a base for their ore but moons that are just to be there for mining and nothing else they will use Athanor. It really comes down to a cost size between the 2 and you can clearly see the winner is.

Im looking into this possibility option as a project for my corp (Im just a member willing to drop a structure for mining with the corp member in HS )

I would invest and support the structure but would ask the CEO of dropping it, that would allow to get some event going on for the member of the corp, quick cash for the one who mine (I buy back their jettison with my orca pilot)

as a new player, how does a project like that does sound?

sounds like you gonna have a lot of issues, between the low value of HS ore, moon thief, wardecs, the fuel.

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