Athanor for Rent

I am seeking tenants for my Athanor, it is currently in a high sec system that is 3 jumps away from Jita. The current ore are your typical high sec ones: Sylvite, Omber, and Crokite.

The facility shall consist of the moon drill and the reprocessing plant.

Rent is 300M ISK a month due on the 1st of every month.

Potential benefits:

  1. You will not have to worry about the fuel blocks and maintenance of the facility.
  2. If you get war dec, you will still have a citadel up and functional so no worries about losing your own citadel.
  3. Your mining fleet will be able to harvest atleast 300M ISK a week in value of the moon ore.

I will accept more than one tenant if they all agreed to pay the total amount due of 300M ISK a month, why pay the full amount when you can split the bill 50/50 with another organization?

not a good service to offer in my opinion. Because you can just find some moon mining athanor with moon free to mine, stating the fact that moon mining in hs is open to all to get at the moment whether you pay or not, or you know the owner or not

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