Buying compressed ore, renting moon mining Athanor

Looking for miner(s)/mining corporation with a base of operation preferably not further than 7 jumps from Hek to form a long standing agreement with the following conditions:

  • looking for a constant supply of compressed ore (all kinds)
  • I will buy all the ore you can mine right there in the system where you mine it as long as it’s in high-sec and preferably within 7 jumps of Hek (you have to have high volume constantly for me to go further)
  • I require the ore to be compressed
  • I will pay 90% of Jita buy price for the compressed ore based on

Benefits to you:

  • no need to haul the ore anywhere, I will come and pick the compressed ore up from your station/structure
  • amount or type of ore doesn’t matter I will buy it all but prefer a balanced mix
  • you’ll have a constant stream of income and saving on shipping or tax costs
  • Willing to build some ships, capitals & modules, structures way below market price, or gift BPCs for you as a bonus

Update: I also have Athanor with moon mining available for rent for any high-sec mining corp in low-sec, and can organize protection for mining ops as long as you sell 80% what you mine back to me.

Contact me in game to discuss further details.

Cheers and fly safe!
Astra Roux

Bump, updated with option to rent low-sec moon mining Athanor.

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