New Station open to the Public in Rokofur - Heimatar (Med Ship Rigged + 61.4% Reprocessing)

Hey all,

Rokofur - Star Factory Alpha (Walmart’s Black Market)

I just wanted to advertise that I just opened a new Raitaru in Rokofur. It is rigged with Medium Sized Ship Time and Material efficiency, and it has a reprocessing facility rigged for asteroid ore. There are 11 belts in system and they are seldom mined, leaving a ton of ore out there. Mine the ore, reprocess it at the Raitaru, and then build ships. Make money.

Rokofur - Star Factory Alpha (Walmart’s Black Market)

Tax is set low 1-3%.
Reprocessing Efficiency 61.4%.

I hope this station is helpful to someone!!!


Copy paste whatever. but you need to change both topics… you DID NOT build a STATION…

unless you are CCP you did not install a station.

you installed a structure.

Bump. Structure.


That’s the base structure reprocessing efficiency?

Dude, seriously? You need to chill out a bit.

Also FYI - Upwell Structures are large player made structures. In order to build an Upwell Structure components must be made. Structure components can be either bought from the market, built in stations or in Component Assembly Arrays. The final assembly of the structures can take place in either a station or Equipment Assembly Array. After construction the structure needs to be deployed.

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