New Station! open to the Public in Rokofur - Heimatar (Med Ship Rigged + 61.4% Reprocessing)

Hey all,

Rokofur - Star Factory Alpha (Walmart’s Black Market)

I just wanted to advertise that I just opened a new Raitaru in Rokofur. It is rigged with Medium Sized Ship Time and Material efficiency, and it has a reprocessing facility rigged for asteroid ore. There are 11 belts in system and they are seldom mined, leaving a ton of ore out there. Mine the ore, reprocess it at the Raitaru, and then build ships. Make money.

Rokofur - Star Factory Alpha (Walmart’s Black Market)

Tax is set low 1-3%.
Reprocessing Efficiency 61.4%.

I hope this station is helpful to someone!!!


Its not a station

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say it with me @Walmart
S T R U C T U R E.
You built a structure, not a station.

Station is what CCP builds for NPC’s.
Structures are what Players build.

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