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my bad then.

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is there a chart with different reprocessing effeciency station services ? how do i know where it is best to reprocess ore ? thanks!

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Not that I know, so I’m going to give you a little lesson on that matter :slight_smile:

So, if you are an NPC station without any form of training in Reprocessing, you will get a reprocessing percentage of 50%.
In terms of Structure, Upwell’s Refineries are what is best. They get the following bonuses :

Athanor-class Refinery :

  • 2% bonus to refining yield of all Ore and Ice variants.
  • 20% in Reprocessing Service Module fuel consumption.

Tatara-class Refinery :

  • 4% bonus to refining yield of all Ore and Ice variants.
  • 25% reduction in Reprocessing Service Module fuel consumption.

This mean that the Standup Reprocessing Facility (SRF) service module installed in refineries will already give you better results compared to NPC stations, or any other Upwell structure. Since this module have a base yield of 50% (like an NPC station), fitting it on an Athanor will give you 51%, and a Tatara will give you 52%. Small changes, but already a big improvements since the refinery owner can set the reprocessing taxes at 0, which strip all cost for your operations !

Like others Services modules, the SRF doesn’t possess a Tech II version. The only way to improve its reprocessing yield is by using structure rigs. Please note that the M-set (for Athanors) and L-set (for Tataras) are different. Please note that the bonuses get a multiplier depending of the security status.

Standup M-Set rigs :

  • Standup M-Set Asteroid Ore Grading Processor I/II : give a whopping 51% reprocessing bonus for all variants of ASTEROIDS ores. This mean that moon ore and variants aren’t affected. The Tech II version give a bonus of 53%. On an Athanor, this give a base bonus of 58.26% (59.36% for Tech II). Since you will certainly only be able to maintain a single Athanor, you will have to rely on nearby asteroids belts, so this rig could be useful.

  • Standup M-Set Ice Grading Processor I/II : Basically an Ice version of the precedent rig. Gives the same bonuses for every Ice variant in the game.

Standup L-Set rig :

  • Standup L-Set Reprocessing Monitor I/II : This is the only reprocessing module Tatara can fit. It’s basically the Ore and Ice Grading Processor combined together, which provide the same bonus, but it also affect Moon Ore.

Also, the rig efficiency can only be set at full potential in nullsec and wormhole space. In highsec, rig will have a 1x multiplier, 1.06% in lowsec and 1.12% in nullsec/wormholes.

So, this basically sum up the efficiency of each stations. And those numbers are without any skills !

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the “mining” NPC stations offer a 30% refinery, so don’t go in them.

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@sasha thanks a lot!

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No problem mate !

If you ever need more informations, ask me, i love to write wall of texts that could be resumed in two sentences ^^"

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