Upwell Structure hacking could need some risks

Hello fellow Capsuleers,

I recently got into something new on Game mechanics. Hacking Upwell Structures to get Intel on vulnerbility Windows. I was doing this for fun cause one of my corpies told me it was possible and i could not belive him. So i ventured out to find wisdom myself.

Well, it worked. But there was something missing for me. A challenge.

Here comes my idea. (sorry if someone else already had this one posted)

Make Upwell Structures like Ghost Sites. If you fail the hack twice - farewell Ship.
Lorewise it could be explained some what that a necessary Software Update now does challenge the board Computer of the hacking ship. Therefore if you failed twice to hack the Structure sends an Electronic burst through your ship making it go boom.

I am looking forward to your opinions.


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the risk comes from players preventing you from hacking.

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Well i know what you mean but its still too easy. Just scan in their off Time zone and there is no more risk.

It just intel. It doesn’t need “risk”. Forcing you to be in space and next to the station is risk/effort enough.

If you want risk you will lose something by failing a hack, go do some exploration.

No. Go away.


I just came here for this, no idea what this thread is about tbh.


Knocking over someone’s structure is very easy. Almost too easy.

But still. It’s not easy enough.

This is why players will reject your proposal, because for them, a small risk is too much risk for them.

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Intel is just intel. It’s harmless on its own.

That said, what would be cool and perhaps give more meaning to this mechanic is that if you fail the hack, a notification, complete with your name is sent to the structure owner. That would put something on the line, and if the owner really objects, the ball is now in their court to come after you and teach you a lesson for messing with their structure.


This would be helpful.

Wow, lots of risk aversion here

I like the idea with the notification. Unfortunately this has been the only useful and valuable input so far.
But i will stick to my point that this mechanic is way too easy and there are no Real risks.
Plus. Killing your ship after the second fail scan would probably push the demand for those t2 ships. A benefit for industrialists, miners, etc. Etc.

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