Courier contracts

I’m sure that this has been asked a bunch of times but I am new to the game in this regard I picked up a courier contract when the distance for it, I followed all the guidelines I checked before I left if I had docking access which I did and I got here and it says that the facility is closed, and it has a big circle around it that’s half red and half yellow or white and it has abandoned on it What am I supposed to do I have this package and I paid a bunch of collateral what should I do

You found yourself a scam. Careful, if they find you there you’ll die.

There is nothing you can do and CCP will not do anything to help you. See here for more info:

Try this: [September] Upwell Cargo Deposit

Still, if structure went into hull reinforcement or has no core. Cargo deposit option won’t work.

out of curiosity, how much did you lost with that contract?

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