I Found A bad behavior

Dear customer service, Hello, I’m a novice player who just played for a few months. I’m full of good expectations for Eve. But recently, I was cheated when I bought goods in the game on this account. The merchant told me that it was a skill injector purchased through the official channel, but later found that it wasn’t what he said. With the friendly help of old players, I learned that it was bad behavior, and I can accept it I hope the officials will forgive me for my ignorance and the helplessness of the novice. I also know that this is a bad behavior and will correct it in the future. I also hope that CCC can manage these behaviors and be friendly to the new people. Wish the game better and better. A player from China.

Sorry not sorry you got scammed. Welcome to EVE.


We are only players who try to answer questions Newbros and not-so-new-bros may ask.
The official CCP EVE support you find here:
My advice: Check twice before making any deal and don’t spend more ISK/money than you are willing to lose via contract or direct trade, no matter if for ships, skills, or PLEX.


If a player contacts you with a ‘deal’ you can be sure it’ll be a good deal for HIM.
Don’t buy anything directly from players, only at Market and even then, pay attention for ripoffs. Look at the percentage of Region Average. If it’s over 15% don’t buy unless you REALLY need it.
A lot of unscrupulous players just play the market in the hopes to rip off new capsuleers and get isk by simply sitting on their butt. Don’t make it easy for them.
You have to assume that at least 30% of market orders are ripoffs or will swindle you another way ( like calling their friends or jumping into an alt to gank you ).
This game will give you paranoia like no other. I LOVE IT!

Edit: Be especially wary of Contracts. MOST of them are ripoffs. Be careful about Multiple-item Contracts, especially on the Blueprints.
Light-blue BP are worthless unless you want to do research.
You want the dark-blue ones.

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I make billions off of buying contacts so I don’t believe this to be true at all. Most contacts are at a fair but not great price close to Jita price. Then there are some that are outliers that are either overpriced or phenomenally low. Yes there are actually contracts that are 50-75% below Jita price sometimes. There are also some scam contacts but I would say they are in the minority. The scam contacts are more heavily advertised in Jita local however. Learn to be patient, look carefully and appraise the deal. There are good deals to be had.


I do not dispute the fact that there are good contracts out there, granted, my “most” was an exaggeration. I did find fair-priced contracts in my region and the outlying ones.
I guess I wanted to stress on the warning to be VERY cautious when looking up contracts. Many are outragiouly pricey and it’s clear that many of them are from capsuleers trying to get rid of stuff they’re not using anymore, gotten for FREE through missions.
But a new player cannot recognize free stuff from missions and genuine articles bought at Market.
Contracts are tricky to choose good one and I want to reiterate, for new players, be very wary of ripoffs, they are a-plenty.


scams do not violate any game mechanics and can not be compensated for by the GMs, nor can the scammers generally be punished for their actions

Welcome to EVE!


Unfortunately new and unsuspecting players who will purchase PLEX for wealth to get ahead start are most common and ripe targets for the most experienced scammers in eve online and this is just the way it has always been and it only gets worse from there which is just an acceptable form of playing the game and scamming new or inexperienced players for wealth.

Also welcome to the forum where almost everyone will tell you to shove it and HTFU.

This is, Eve! Also shooting at space ships.


well making someone buy plex for items is a scam that isn’t tolerated at least.


Welcome to EvE, @Cute_Pig . I think almost everybody has had something like that happen to them. Don’t feel bad, you are very much not alone! :slight_smile: Learn from it and move forward. Don’t buy anything advertised in local chat channel, if something seems to be a really good deal it is probably a scam.

This is not the Customer Support, we here are mostly just players like you are. The ISD people are player volunteers who help moderate the forums. The Game Devs will have a tag and a name that starts with “CCP”.

One way to submit a support ticket is to press your f12 key and go to help center that way. However, CCP will simply tell you no rules have been broken so there is no problem. In EvE it is not against the game rules to scam and steal. It is part of what makes EvE different than most other games.

You are most welcome here, just be careful, ok? :slight_smile:


For people who have no idea what OP is trying to say, he bought a Skill Injector from a 3rd party RMT website and got caught by the GMs.


Oh. I thought it was the old “sell-a-skill-extractor-as-a-skill-injector” trick…

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It might be Rmt,but i knew it just now(with the friends’ help)

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I bet it gave you tingly feelings to post that.

I was more disappointed by everyone failing to understand what OP was trying to explain and hopping onto the “oh, he must have gotten scammed in-game” bandwagon. But whatever.


I dunno, Scoots…I’m still leaning towards an in-game scam. Perhaps when he said “merchant” he more properly meant “seller” (as in ingame rather than an rmt outside merchant). Sure sounds like a scam contract of the “spam it local until someone bites” variety.

Maybe I’m wrong (it happens about once a decade or so… :wink: )

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I did fail to understand it was about RMT.
Guilty as charged.

Looks like it’s your lucky day, then.

Yeah, CCP never sells Skill Injectors.

If you want to stay safe, then only buy directly from CCP on https://secure.eveonline.com/ (or whatever version it is in your native language). If you’re not banned, then it sounds like the GM was easy on you. Good luck with your EVE career and hope you don’t run into RMT issues in the future.

Thank you, same to you :))
And I only buy from Steam, the Market and public Contracts ( not the ones that are spammed in local ) so I’m pretty sure I won’t be involved in any RMT.

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lol - maybe so…maybe so…

So… @Cute_Pig …any further information, please?

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