Trade window scamming is now bannable

Seems scamming via trade window is NO longer allowed.

Senior GM yanked 1.4b out of my wallet for it.

Claims the timing was weird, this is the 2nd time its happened,

He has specifically told me to no longer trade window scam in jita…

The timing was weird… no you just got good at it. u know how long it took for a person to click acept and timed it right thats a key part to make that even work… and if in 2/100 cases that timing was so good that they now think something is fishy lol… what the ■■■■ ccp :frowning:

It’s just a matter of practice i guess. I don’t like scamming but I would hate if CCP or Pearl Abyss or whoever makes this game a Hello Kitty place. I love the part about eve that everyone and everything can get scammed if u are not careful. And giving players stuff back which they Traded and Agreed to in a Trade Window is a JOKE. Just fix the Trade windows then… if its not Allowed CCP (they could just add another “Are u sure” button… but no :stuck_out_tongue:

Scammer tears? I think I saw some…

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