Reward users for reporting spammers

My point: Award ISK, PLEX, loot, to users for reporting any kind of spam (messages, group chat invites, containers with messages etc)

There is a new trick of inviting users to group chat messages that either have a MOD with their spam message or simply links to whatever they are trying to persuade us to use.

Personally, I feel we are paying too much for this game to have to deal with spam constantly in-game, in messages and in chat. The advice i got was to block the user, block their corporation, set a fee for messages and otherwise imagine that this is how it would be in a dystopian future. Blocking users and corporations is like blocking adverts on facebook, or spam in inbox. It is endless.

I would make it my part time new career to report users, if we got maybe 1 plex for every 100 reports (with proof), or maybe a plex bonus for X reports a month. I know that i should just ignore them, but i am finding it difficult when sit and imagine traveling through space and look at all the beautiful scenery, while i look out for dangers, that i then get a message for a new corporation in Null, or a link to some random hypernet relay scam.

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Seems very abusable, especially since spamming is usually a warning rather than a ban. Honestly just a report spammer button in the client would be nice. “Report ISK spammer” is specifically for RMT spam.

Obligatory Monty Python:

I also wish there was an easier way to submit bot and spam reports.

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