Bothunter rewards / Hunting Bots becomes a profession

The Background :

A new threat emerges. A new sort of Sansha Clone Soldiers called the Subverters have infiltrated the ranks of well established Faction and Capsuleer Organizations. Hit the hardest are the Academies and Schools many Capsuleers graduate from (NPC Corps).

To combat this Infiltration Concord relies on Capsuleers to identify and report these Subverters.

The Mechanics :

Players are limited to 10 Bot Reports a day.
Each succesful* identification of a bot pays 5mil ISK and a reasonable amount of Concord LP from Concord into the Bothunters wallet.
Succesful hunting bots increases the hunter rank, allowing 5 additional reports a day up to 50.

Reporting a single bot multiple times is not possible.

Maybe hunting bots can also be a way to fix negative security status.

Disclaimer :

In addition the possibility to report bots via the support ticket system ofc is still there. Only ingame reports pay though.

Mass Reporting / Spaming should be limited by the ranking system and in addition is easily identifiable and thus bannable.

It wont interfere with CCPs no feedback policy regarding bot reports. You just get ISK.

Eve has a huge botting issue. Maybe by creating rewards for hunting bots we can create a profession of bothunting and a reason for the community to police itsself.

*Only reports that turn out to really have been botters get paid out.

Anyone who cares about identifying and reporting bots already do this. Everyone else will just look for idea to squeeze every ISK from it.

While initial reports are evaluated by computer, final decision is always on GM. There is no single reason to put more work on GM team just because people will report anything that moves and on top of that they will need to handle all spammers.

Grind your isk somewhere else. No one forces you to help.

By shoving it at GM

Typical personal attack. Common move with lack of any reasonable arguments.


Oh look, it’s this bad idea again.

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Kitty paws is right. This encourages spam rather than actual bot reporting. Setting a limit isn’t a good idea either, what if i meet 11 or more bots in one day?

Imagine doing this with the emergency services. You’d get people reporting anything and everything as a some kind of emergency. Camp fires, scraped knees, arguments and that’s not including people simply making it up. But it would all still need some kind of response and it would overwhelm the services. And then the people that witness genuine emergencies 11 times a day or more can’t call for help because they had used up their allowance.

It’s the same here. Every bot report would have to be investigated by CCP, and you’re asking everyone to make 10 reports a day.

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Your reward is that there’s one less damn dirty robot in eve. Also, your isk is worth more since bots cause inflation. You’re welcome.

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