Grant "bot" Kill Rights

This is not to replace any existing or proposed functionality.

When a player reports a bot, and the bot is confirmed (quickly??) by CCP, the player is granted kill/loot rights on the bot and the pod :skull_and_crossbones:

Not a big deal in NS/WH but in HS it avoids a suicide to kill a legitimate bot.

Newbies in reapers can do it!

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You know what… I’m gonna say go for it. High sec bots lose concord protection.

Bots already are banned though. This would act as an early warning for the bot owner there not can be detected and to change the rest asap.
Same issue as banning a single bot as soon as detected.

The kill rights are coming from CCP, before the first shot is fired CCP has already found the botter guilty.

This is part of the punishment phase :rofl:

Except it’s a pointless phase. CCP would be better just banning the bots when the punishment is due like they do now


Haven’t you heard? Bots are ok now

Well no, we don’t get to shoot em. But I consider it a right of honor to have kill rights on a bot.

Except if the payout is worthwhile or it is fun, players will find more bots than they ever could, so “paying” the finder by giving them the bot is a smart move on their part.

In UO after I killed the bots the GMs would move the ghost off the ship so I could steal the ship :skull_and_crossbones:

Rookie. I tracked them down to their giant houses, planted 12-20 dragons inside at their teleport in point.

CCP confirming anything? Let alone quickly?


I don’t think your idea is going to work if it hinges on that.


I doubt CCP is going to make a call about someone being a bot nearly instantaneously as you hope, at least i would hope they would spend more investigation time than your suggestion implies before banning my account for instance just because you think im a bot.

Since i believe bot determination by CCP is going to take far longer than your idea implies the person most likely to find out that a certain account is considered a bot by CCP and is fair game for killing would be the botter themselves, which opens up an opportunity to exploit this idea by blowing themselves up or having a set person do it and then looting and salvaging their own bot.

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