[PROPOSAL] Allow EVE botting in special regions

Instead of fighting eve bot usage let’s allow 'em to exist legally!

  1. Make special paid accounts for bots
  2. Make several hi-sec and null-sec regions for bots. Bots are not allowed to leave this regions.
  3. Make a public game api for bots

Later there could be bot PvP championships, mass battles and so on


Rather make a separate server for bot’s (much smaller like 1 npc region only or something) where they don’t interfere with our market. Where people can test their AI against each other.

Then if someone is caught botting then all their TQ asset’s (from all accounts on same IP address) get moved to Bot server where they can only ever play against bot’s again fitting punishment for those that want to bot on TQ.


We may just forbid bot trading.
I think it will be interesting to fight against someone’s bots ot bot’s armies. It’s like fighting with NPCs but will be more interesting.



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Nope! No.2

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Nope! No.3

If you don’t want to play the game, then do something else with your time.

Bots don’t belong in any game.




Fixed that for you :grin:



I like it! :+1:

I’d be OK with bots on Singularity where nothing they do can impact the real game on Tranquility. If people want to pay for that I think CCP should happily take their money.

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[PROPOSAL] Let’s do something really, really stupid.

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[COUNTER PROPOSAL]Let’ s do something really really smart.

My idea: The 3 minute warp timer that was promised years ago.

Found it again after a bit of research. Look at 51:42

this should be posted somewhere better than this “special” thread xD

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This concept is probably in the works some place but you really need to define the game from the ground up for bot-fighting to be a fully realized idea, not just an add-on to some existing game.

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I think the best would be to expose their presence at some point.
Like a number on the region. Not sure what this number should represent - ships, players, etc.
Make hunting for bots like a game in the game, officially exposing their position in the region.
Make them suffer! Make more fun to hunters!

No need to expose their position. Just make them perma suspect and they will die quick.

This way is not fun, tbh.
The ieda is that bring some EVE-ish action around those guys, not just drop em on the gates on HS.
Expose their presence while they do their dirty stuff.

Bots are not players, they are parasites - leeches - and those of us who play the game for entertainment should encourage and fully support CCP in their effort to eradicate them.


The necro is strong in this thread…

We already have CCP working on making bots. We call them NPC mining fleets.

How about CCP bans every single one who is for this.

Hands up if you agree.