[PROPOSAL] Allow EVE botting in special regions

I want my personal pew into those, who is botting. Thus, creating ingame hunt for them is much easier and makes more fun!
Help EVE clean from bots, allow people angage them more easily! This quickly makes botting unprofittable, as then, bots’ ships will be just frequently destroed contents

I strongly oppose to allow bots - in any shape or form!

I don’t see a problem with bots in the game. They make easy targets. Make it down fell if you use bot mode it can be found out by the attackers.

Nah, not those. CCP should make anomaly bots who run all the havens and sanctums whenever a capital boat warps to one muahahahahaha

Good idea, now go out there and murder all those suspect motherships!

I like the idea of bot hunting being integrated and supported by CCP.
If it were say paying accelerators or something like quafe zero it’d attract players

It’s kinda funny to think…what do bots farmers do with the stuff they get and is it an addiction that they cannot live without?

Personally I’d just go to the test server and get everything I always wanted and happily sit in station with my trillions and thousands of ships feeling like I’m winning instead of risking getting banned.

Mope you are an idiot…


CCP’s RMT detection is pretty good but somehow these guys stay one step ahead of them.

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