Fight back bots with bots

Dear CCP,

maybe you have noticed already that fighting bots is like fighting against windmills. Therefore, please allow me to propose you a completely crazy idea: Instead of fighting bots, simply embrace them. This means:

  • Provide for all Omega accounts an in-game API to control your ship with scripts using some kind of a simple programming script language.
  • Make the script copy-able like a BPO.
  • Make these scripts sell-able via contracts.

Then see how people will develop scripts for various tasks, let them compete against each other and watch the results. Finally it would be possible to write a bot fighting other bots 24/7. It would create a completely new EVE universe!

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Absolutely not. It would lead to unsustainable economic activity, require a complete economic rebalance, demoralize active PvE’ers (i.e. competing against bots, reduced income), and frustrate hunters (i.e. bots instantly docking when they show up in local).

Btw, you might like screeps.

No P2W


A fully grown adult person sat down and typed that OP thinking it was a good idea. Let that sink in.


Good points Shipwreck Jones and thank you for the link to Screeps.

I observed that you can trick the bots, if you wait for them to appear on scene while they are in warp to their target. If you manage to arrive before him or with him you have good chances to catch them. (At least for the FW-bots this seem to work reliably, check my killboard) Unfortunately it is a very boring job for humans to set up such a trap… a well programmed anti-bot would be much more useful for this.

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Absolutely not. Not everybody knows how to do scripts and isht that plays eve. We need less bots not more

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pretty sure ccp already banned that

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What ever CCP is doing to ban bots, they seem to be not very successful, taking into account the numbers of bots you find in faction warfare.

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Will this come with bot championships and so ?

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Look at these ones… if they aren’t bots, then please tell me what bots are:

all flying same fit all the time, doing the same thing, 16 hours a day.

At least it is great that it is possible to kill them on a daily basis, but it feels a little bit like shooting NPCs :wink:

This type of zkill linking is against the rules btw

Which rule?

Pilots are permitted to post chatlogs and kill reports on the EVE Online forums if it adds to and is relevant to ongoing discussion, however this may not be done to flame, troll, insult, shame or bait other corporations other pilots.

So I could be somewhat wrong. But if they aren’t bots, then they could be a flame attack against them

they banned using scripts to have like 10 gilas do the same thing that your 1 manual controlled gila does…but they dont do anything about making more bots

The zkillboard links are relevant to the discussion.
There was no insult, trolling, etc. just a question to the audience about their Interpretation of the given facts.
If the named players want they can explain those facts.

Looks like a posting, which is within the rules to me.

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