How about something new, in the spirit of project discovery.. but different?

(Markus Jameson) #1

EVE seems like an ideal environment to test AI in to me.

So how about a very limited number of licensed bots?

Something with chat bot functions limited to alpha skills & a reward driven AI with sliders you could set to make certain stimulus like wallet balance, the ships health, certain words or sentences typed in chat etc more or less rewarding.

Cost to run while you’re off-line one sub or it’s only active when logged in.

You’d play it as an ordinary account the first month perhaps so it learns your play style & after that all you can do is adjust it’s “personality” sliders.

Limited to one per player, alliance or corporation.

Only a limited total number available with the licences given out as rewards for an in-game event.

CCP could have a couple of their own live streaming which might make good advertising for EVE.

Maybe someone who know’s what they’re talking about & think they now what I mean can put that into something approaching the proper technical language for me :slight_smile:

(yellow parasol) #2

This is bad and you should feel bad, especially because you talk about something you don’t even understand.

Chatbots = more spammers/scammers in local
Spacebots = 90% of people will stop playing and have bots do their work
CCP doesn’t need bots to stream, players do that already.

People will say “lol, EVE the game played by bots”

What’s the point of this idea?

PS: for once, i apologize for coming across as rude. it’s super freaking hot and i’m melting.

(Markus Jameson) #3

Your answer is bad and you should feel bad, especially because you talk about something you haven’t even read.

Could you possibly try reading before splerging, thank you :wink:

(yellow parasol) #4

hm… well, i apologized, but apparently you’re just a … well…

Anyhow… your idea is bad and you should feel bad.

What determines who gets a license? what about possible abuse? what about all the clowns who will cry, because they don’t get a license? What about the GIGANTIC AMOUNT OF PROCESSING POWER an AI actually needs? or are you talking about simple bots? what’s the point of your idea? why would anyone want or need this?

i’m not a sperg. my ass isn’t a burger, but right now it feels like one. 40deg C, just shoot me. -.-

(Ordrean McKarion) #5

Just 1 super bot. The EVE mind. A AI created through interactions with the EVE community. Is this possible? Some day some lab is going to birth the first dynamic learning self aware AI. some day. There are some who shall call him Tim.

(Markus Jameson) #6

Still haven’t read the original post I see.

which as it happens also answers your.

As does.

Not enough of them to have any real impact & it would run off the users processing power not CCP’s unless they actually pay for it to run while they’re off-line.

So no more processing for CCP than a normal account.

If you’d care to read it first & then ask some questions or make some comments I’ll be be happy to engage with you, but until then how about you go take a cold shower or something for that heat o7

(yellow parasol) #7

thanks, mate, and sorry. :slight_smile:

(Markus Jameson) #8

No probs, been hot here too, can empathize :slight_smile:


The word bot is a trigger around here I know & I’m guessing that’s what grabbed your attention.

To try & be a little clearer you shouldn’t be able to give them a set list of actions to do, they wouldn’t be that kind of bot, but I didn’t know what else to call them :frowning:

I was thinking more of a trainable AI that built up a library of potential actions & activities during the first month while you play the account as a normal one & after that you’d release them into the wild as it where & they’d be sort of self programming AI from there.

You’d only be able to influence their actions after that by adjusting how much they like or dislike certain things, like a big ISK balance, high or low ehp , a particular word string in chat, etc.

(bbb2020) #9

What you are asking is basically for a Chinese gold digging “bot” that can make you rich, without you lifting a finger, right? What else could such a “bot” be good at in a game like EvE?

You would never train such a “bot” for a month without you gaining anything from it.
So what is your gain?

EvE is a game played by people and exist only because of the relationship between those people.
What kind of relationship can a “bot” provide?

If ever they introduce humanoid AI “bots” into the game, is the day Eve Online truly dies.

The reason I say that, is because people play this game for the people to people interaction. Either for friendship, to piss other people off, to make other people feel dum, happy, sad, god, bad, liked, disliked, powerful, small,
for the LoLs, but most importantly, to know you have made an impact on other peoples life through their gaming experience and that those people have done the same to you.

No matter what form of AI you will ever put into such a “bot”, it can never make you feel you made an impact on it’s life, so what would be the point of playing then?

(Markus Jameson) #10

Nope, think more along the lines of an in-game science fair project, pretty much just for the hell of it.

I like stupid stuff.

You’ve completely missed the point haven’t you :slight_smile:

Oh gods, another one who can’t bother to read a thing before striking out with the comments :frowning:

So not enough to have any impact on the greater social experience of EVE you twit.

READ IT before posting please, until then I’ve nothing further to say to you o7

(Frostys Virpio) #11

Why do you want to add BOTS to a game where the meaningful events come from PLAYERS interactions?

(Markus Jameson) #12

Yet another who doesn’t read before commenting :frowning:

You’ve clearly been triggered by the word bot & from there not bothered to read & comprehend what the post actually says, you’re not alone, but I am getting a little bored of this problem.

Please read it before saying anything more o7

(Frostys Virpio) #13

And yet you don’t answer the question on why you want stuff in the game to be done by bots. I don’t care how it’s implemented or the limitation you want to put on it. I want you to justify adding bots to a game about player interaction.

If you can’t answer that, your whole idea is pure BS as it goes against the core design of the game.

(Markus Jameson) #14

The answer to your question is already up there which just goes to show you either didn’t read it, or are trolling :slight_smile:

Either way I’ve no interest in continuing an exchange with you & I’ve no intention of indulging you in the flame war you seem to want so I’ll just say goodbye o7

(bbb2020) #15

Have you ever considered that what you originally postet might have been read but was not easily understandable?
Instead of assuming people can’t read and accusing them of being illiterate, maybe try reformulate what you’re trying to say so they / we don’t get confused.

I think understand what your are after, after reading your post 3 - 4 times, but that say more about your post than about me.

What you want, is to try if mankind can build a AI program that would funktion in an environment like Eve Online.
Is that right?

If not, then I’m sorry to say you originally post make no sense.

(Frostys Virpio) #16

EVE is an environement built for player interaction. Bots are useless for this.

No as bot are not needed in this game. Interaction should be between players.

I don’t want any more spam from bots and the reward driven action can already be made by players thus rendering the bots useless.

If ti cost more than in generate back, people won’t use it. If it does generate more than it cost, people will feel they HAVE to do it like the past 10k SP reward for killing a rat. Those are essentially 2 negative outcome to the proposed bot.

How about you keep playing your character? You did it for a month. Can’t you keep doing it? Why should you, a player, be replaced by a lame bot?

So which one actually? Oh wait, might as well not replay since that’s irrelevant in a world with alts that can be solo, in solo corps or in solo alliances.

Who judge this and how does CCP handle the shitstorm of favoritism call-outs?

Advertising a game played by bots? Here perspective players, come play this game with/against robots because obviously, players are not good enough except you of course since we want your money.

Anyone who know what they are talking about know that bots are terrible for the game.

(Markus Jameson) #17

Pretty much but not so much mankind as the EVE community, I’d be interested to see just how warped a personality our in-game culture might produce in an AI :wink:

So within the environment of eve what can we teach an AI to do & how Turing capable can we make it kind of thing.

Sort of our own citizen science project.

Can we perhaps teach it to harvest tears? now that would be an achievement :smiley:

(Frostys Virpio) #18

Nah. His idea is complete ■■■■ and deserve to be shot down. That’s why most answeer have been direct questions he refuse to answer or direct call out.

(Markus Jameson) #19

I have considered that, my conclusion was that there’s nothing wrong with the post & stand alone it’s perfectly comprehensible, or would be in any community outside EVE.

The problem is the word bot, it’s a trigger word with a narrow definition in many players perceptions that excludes for them any other possible understanding of the word or anything containing it.

But as I’ve already said I couldn’t think of anything else to call it :frowning:

(bbb2020) #20

AI Controlled Programmed Character or AC/PC for shot. Have a certain ring to it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: