GM Week Suggestion (about bots)

Sup guys!
First, not trying to be salty and sassy at all.
If we have a week of GMs flying around TQ i’m almost begging you CCP - let them go Null sec all week and just bann them manually all the week long. I mean, i do realize it woun’t fix the problem, but what does at this point?

Them just create new character with 1m referal SP and get them Gilas. I mean, you (players) will be suprised how many of them are out there. Things that bots ruin:

-Anomalies. Why should one running them, when bots already doing it better then you?

-Filaments. You would be suprised how many robot Gilas running 3s and 4s.

-Mining. Perfect content for bots. I mean, just few lines of code and they good to go.

And so on, and so fourth. I do love EVE online and really appreciate CCP and they have what it takes to make some major changes : you nerfed supercaps farming, changed the whole meta with resistance nerf, so please do something. Those whiny ratting forum guys are gonna whine anyways.

And to sum up: New Chinese server managed to get rid of bots. Chinese server now has like 0 of them. Sounds like a BS to you? - google it. And our own TQ just cant. For years and years.
I wish you all, CCP and fellow capsuleers, that one day we will overcome this foe of this unique universe.


translated: “because CCP is not literally banning bots in front of my eyes, they must not be doing any actual work, therefore I just want to waste the GMs time during the GM Event week.”


this is flat-earther / anti-vaxxer tactic of “just do your own research” while also refusing to provide any evidence to support your own claim to establish a worthwhile premise. provide a single shred of evidence, I dare you. anything substantial other than a " I can’t get easy kills on afks" whiny argument.


So, uh, what do you think they do all the time? Sit around and eat bonbons? If it was so easy to determine who is a bot, don’t you think they’d be doing it already?

And why null sec space is still full of character who sit in one system with generic names, created at the same date , flying same ships with a same fit all day? Should do it harder then, instead playing puzzle games. Creating content is great, but, uh, they do have some issues to deal with first.

Thanks for the translation, not a native speaker, so your help is appreciated. And actually, they are informing you about your succesfull report via ingame mail. But still, they just keep coming.

Thanks for calling random person an flat-earther in online game forum with no strings related to some BS theories, ill assume its a custom here. So, you will be “Plane leaves chemical trails” guy. Chinese server rn has an obligatory regestration with chinese SSN and that helps a lot. Also, they used to have legal bots and now they applly realy great effort to get rid of them. How do i know that? - i play there. There is small russian community playing on Serenity rn. So, yeah, that could be just personal judgemt, but if you fly nullsec in TQ and SR will notice the difference. I wish i could link some 100% proofs, but i can not rn.

All i’m trying to do is just to create one small topic about bots and how they ruin this game. Not being toxic towards commutiny or CCP. Cheers to everyone out there \0/

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Just ignore the CCP kiss-ass apologists.

There’s nothing wrong with anti bot suggestions.

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Player generated content
Gila losses

Cheers man!
I’m really suprised how people are triggering with an idea of banning them as much as possible.


No, you were passive aggressively trying to rant because CCP wasn’t banning bots in front of your eyes.


Are you for real? For sure, im dissapointed with bots hordes in my favorite game.
But the real question is who is really aggresive in this topic.


Your proof of botting seems inconclusive.


Remeber Kids with Guns allince?
Things they used to do are still viable. The only reason they got shut is because the main guy got tired and wrote a huge post about how he did it. .
If you need up to date proofs - check null sec ratting systems. I do realise that this is from 2018, but it’s still a thing. Nothing has changed in general - gila, 1 mil sp new character, anomaly and you good.

there is no bots in eve online

I wonder if the new China server has staff running bots…NO?

___________________________ (staff fanboi comments here.)

Oh, didnt see that coming.
Are there real people who really believe that bots are not a big deal rn?
Or it just some forum trash talk?

i really dont think that bots are a big deal

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Yeah, fair enough.
-When they accumulate enourmous amount of pure isk from bounty and creating inflation.
-When they make anomaly ratting just a waste of time for real players.
-When they make mining without caps and 10+ windows worthless for real people.
Bots make things worth nothing. When things worth nothing - you make nothing producing them.
So, they affecting a lot of economy and gameplay features and not in a good way.
P.S. i don’t do ratting with anomalies and don’t like it at all. But i do hate bots and all related stuff.

That’s not proof of botting. That’s probably sufficient proof of “these guys are all someone’s alt” but that doesn’t prove he automated anything. Nice attempt at being an armchair GM though.

GMs aren’t devs, and I can’t imagine they like being insulted in this manner.

I’m sure tying your eve account to real-life identification would decrease botting, yes. I don’t think I would be willing to play a game that demanded my social security number though. Security/usability tradeoff is a thing.


Those things are an indication that they might be bots, though.

I have a number of other things that, when you check them off, greatly increase the likelyhood that a ship is botting. Ship destruction and following the pod is desireable to confirm botting. Many bots I have encountered don’t deal well with being a pod. Then you report them all and let CCP deal with them. Or keep killing… :wink:

Sometimes simply asking “are you a bot” in local is a pretty good way to dismiss the notion. Bots can respond, but they don’t make for good conversation. Reactions to things like fleet invites and chats are telling too.

For CCP there are a few fundamental issues, imho. First is a game that makes botting a succesful strategy (including how hard it can be to detect and confirm some bots). Second is how easily you can create a batch of new characters, train them up with some isk and bonuses, and get them right back out into space to continue the unwanted automation.

Every bot killed and removed from the game is a good thing. It does reduce the numbers, and makes it more expensive and inconvenient to do it.

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None of these indicate a bot.

even if you assume they did, it still does not provide any support for anything OP is attempting to argue for. CCP bans bots via reports and data collected from their logs on the backends of their servers, NOT from GMs just roaming around nullsec space smashing the hammer on people they think exhibit behaviors that they think is indicative of a bot.

Out of context, sure.

If by “it”, you are referring to GMs going around banning players, no.

As for the “more expensive and inconvenient” part, lmao.