I’ve been getting notifications pinging for weeks re the crappy Alliance Tournament.
And then I only hear about the Yulai event through some randoms in local.



You sure wont like the topic “introducing gm week” on reddit that somehow never made it to the forums I assume.

Because that’s the official place to post you know.


The official places where things are being posted are the useless social networks these days, not official channels. And not even there as the CCP_Help twitter does not have a notification about this even either. Go, CCP. :laughing:


This was posted to reddit by a player, not a member of staff.

The official announcement was made here, on the EVE Online website:

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… so we got our dear friends in the Art department to take a break from fixing the lag …

lol. I think we may have discovered the underlying cause right there xD

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This. Just. This.
Wins the forums today!

inb4 CCP leadership decides 90% of the server and maintenance team is to be sacked as the art department can handle their duties “decently enough” :stuck_out_tongue:

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“Server looks decent.”

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