I need GM week info!

I’ve looked all over and I can’t find ANY information on several of the GM week events. It’s very frustrating.

What is Orbital stash? Where and when is it taking place? What are the rules? How does it work? How do I participate?

What is scavenger hunt? What are the rules? Where and when is it taking place? How does it work?


I looked for the"We’re going to respond to support tickets in a reasonable amount of time" event, but couldn’t find it listed anywhere.

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Yeah, it’s a bit weird. Especially stuff like the story competition. It’s supposed to be over by Thursday, but if we get info on Tuesday we have about three days to throw something together. And some of the other competitions sound like total mysteries, like what is the “potato PC”-competition even about? We don’t know!

Apparently CCP expects us to have telepathic powers, or they forgot again that Reddit isn’t their own forum…

There are pinned topics at the top of General Discussion about some of the events going on this week.

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Thanks for the info! But shouldn’t it have been noted on the launcher?

Crowded out by skin and PLEX selling?..:grinning::wink:


I had thought this was burn Jita week

It is also on the launcher, but more specific details are located in the threads.

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That’s not much info… :rofl:

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Nothing in my timezone so it’s a non-starter event for me this week.

You all have fun though.

Was this part of GM Week?

Hel Supercarrier jumped into 1.0?

yeah that was one of the famous bot dunks that CCP do every so often. I missed yesterday’s carnage by two seconds, I wanted in on those avatar kills.

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It was part of the whack-a-bot event. If you want to watch it back here’s a VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/740932611

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Oh wow there is a forum section that I need to visit.


Has CCP made any effort to have the “wack-a-bot” event take place either on a weekend or outside of EU primetime? Over 12 years in this game and I never seem to get the chance to participate in certain events due to time difference lockouts. I would even love some log in rewards as a choice, because currently GM week ( and other CCP events) have little meaning or use for me. Can you throw other time zones some loving? :hushed:


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