Devblog: GM Week Returns! – August 19th - 23rd!

We’re super happy to announce that GM Week returns next week, with all manner of contests, prizes and funtimes!

Check out this devblog from GM Stardust for more details!


Yay! :smile: :rocket: :boom:

Give us the Local back


Item description contest


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Last time you did this was great, I love events like this. Please remember you have players in many time zones so try to spread out the fun.


Huh huh

Falcon said boob


Pssst… @CCP_Falcon ‘mammer’?

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@CCP_Falcon Just wondering, will the Eve Mystery Code ever be utalised again?

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pffft this is for Euro or US time Zones as usual

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not sure what a gm week is but woohoo !

Stick the trigl. Invasion into your…pod.

CCP_Karkur (hope I spelled that right) was awesome in the GM Roam last year. Looking forward to more antics and laughs.

Grimdark new eden
A pod gooey sweet explodes
at the perfect sweat

you should fix local in 0.0 first


lol no

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  • GM AMA on /r/eve

“We don’t support reddit”. Same crap again. We don’t support and most information about plans, future updates is always shared everywhere but not on official sites…

@CCP_Falcon At least make somewhere list of CCP employees we need to follow on twitter, reddit and other social media to get idea what is coming to game


Welcome back. Hopefully the rest will help you think clearly. Time to come to our senses and give local back. Time to think of something new instead of removing old things while trying to make it sound fun…
Be honest…This was the proceed of a 20 minute Friday afternoon financial forecast meeting wasn’t it??? I’ve been in those meetings, Jump on the first idea and start vacation? Come on now… it’s ok to admit it.

Here’s an idea - Give “Black ops” ships the ability to blackout local. Or bring in observatories with special SOV requirements. Give everyone something to play with and don’t just hose one particular style of players. It’s called balance. Give and take. If this is not something that can easily be coded in, wait until you can do it properly.

The cyno changes are garbage but not the worst idea … But coupled with Blackout, it’s the straw that broke the camels back.

No one is enjoying this from my neck of the woods. We’re all just waiting for you to realize this is silly…

No one wants to quit the game. No one is seriously thinking about it yet. I almost did but clearly did not. This game is my happy place. Where I come to enjoy myself after work. Not so much though the last few weeks.

You can’t keep taking things away and expect it to turn out well. In my business, this is a sure way to lose customers. They will stick around just until they find a replacement source. Eve is enjoying a monopoly in space MMOs right now, this is the only reason there’s so much tolerance and patience for the short term.
It will reach a boiling point. It always does.




These forums are better in that regard; Reddit needs a “developer posts” filter-link.

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Лучшим призом будет прекращение убийства геймплея игры.

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