- an attempt to fight ratting bots

Instead of writing another “bots are bad, ccp pls ban”, I’d like to offer a tool that you can use against bots. Based on the ideas of u/rich000 and this app provides recommendations in which systems you can camp or hunt, and let you compete with others. Place an alt somewhere, let us track your location and get space fame points! Don’t worry: You can disable the tracking or remove all of your data at any time.

Good thing for hunters: Maybe you get whitelisted by botters. That’s even easier than infiltrating their alliance :wink:

I’m working on a similar algorithm like evebotdetector does, but encourge more player contribution through camping and providing local scans.


The app is at a very early stage. Right now we can only guess where bots should be, but over time we will get more precise information to locate particular bots and take down their operations. And maybe even give good bot reports to CCP.

I’d like to further enhance the algorithm, which currently is only based on ratting data, to also include local scans and the corresponding zkill metrics. The algorithm will also make sure that no one is perma camping his/her own system but instead encourage constant rotation. I’m super excited about this project and would love to hear your feedback!


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I was thinking of having someone make me an anti-botting bot.
An automated bot killing script.
Oh the irony…


That would be hilarious! Especially if you get banned.


There is work for CCP Devs, instead of trying to populate whole New Eden with NPCs that do nothing productive.


Or, as the OP is doing, players can rise to the challenge of doing it themselves.
CCP could offer some assistance to those willing to take this on (reduced sec/standings losses, for example).
I am finding it a daunting challenge but still willing to whack some bots.

Sign in and give it a try :slight_smile:

Here are a couple “players” I found while testing the application

I’ll have a look at it and see if it is something I can use, after I get some sleep.
Thanks for trying to help with the bots.

Good night! Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Just remember they read this too and will do their best to work around it.


I know. My primary goal is to make local as an intel source useless.

This Guy is one of the biggest Botfarms in the Drone Region, he runs atleast 30 Nightmares 23 hours a day in 6~ different Systems.

Thank you for the intel! Only a couple of those systems are listed on my overview. I will look into the others and figure out if and how they should appear on the list.

This system for example show nearly no ratting activity, and therefore doesn’t rank high on my list.

KS8G and LH-LY1 is being camped for the last 3-4 Weeks.

That explains why :smiley: Good job! Make sure to get on the tracker :wink:

this is still a thing and we need more scouts!

Bot Miners are operated by alts who then transfer their ISK to non-alt accounts. How is CCP not able to determine that a Bot Miner gave a real account holder ISK?

Going out on a limb here but I am going to say that Pandemic Legion could be behind the Bot Mining sensation as they tally up nearly a trillion ISK each month.

Pandemic Legion has 3,000 members approx. In order to make 1 trillion ISK a month each PL member would have to make 333,333,333.33 ISK in a months time. or 11,111,111.11 ISK on a daily basis.

From what I have seen in Providence is Pandemic Legion is not actively engaged in ratting to collect ISK. With around 200 of their pilots contesting systems in Providence and not actively ISK farming PL has to be getting their ISK from somewhere.

I would have to think that what PL calls “Renters” could actually be bot miners both in their Sov and in High Sector.

With PL being the most powerful Alliance in New Eden it would be assumed that such activity could potentially go 'unnoticed" much like the Band of Brothers incident in 2007.

The rabbit hole goes waaaaaay deeper than you can imagine.

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Would these 11 characters that all use the same avatar be considered Bots?

I found them in Gelhan. When I try to convo any of them I receive a message saying that I am not allowed to contact the character.

These are the names of the Bots.

KMCFleet Alpha
KMCFleet Beta
KMCFleet Bumper
KMCFleet Commander
KMCFleet Delta
KMCFleet Epsilon
KMCFleet Eta
KMCFleet Gamma
KMCFleet Iota
KMCFleet Theta
KMCFleet Zeta

Every single date of birth is the same being 27 days ago.


Could be botter or multiboxer. Multboxing is allowed, botting and automation isnt. Are their responses automatic and they react en masse? Are they behavioral patterns schemetic and they always react the same? Can you catch one in a bubble trap and it will not react?