Eve Bot Detector


Having hunted/annoyed/afk’ed bots for years, I finally got round to creating a website that lists possible systems with bots.

The site uses webjobs to pull ratting data via esi, then uses some math to look for patterns that suggests botting. It is not a guarantee for botting, obviously, just an indication.

If you enjoy hunting or annoying bots, I’m sure you’ll find the site useful.




Great initiative. Botting is what kills a game.


I see only null sec systems, is that intentional or these were all the systems with probability more than 25%?

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I collect data from all systems, but you are right, I only display null systems. There is too much interference in ls/hs from regular people to make a proper analysis. (I think, haven’t actually tried).

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I wonder how some math from ratkills can prove or guess bot users for an entire system

Well, it can’t.

It can however be used to look for specific traits in a dataset, In this case we’re looking for two characteristics shown in bots, persistence and consistence. The systems listed are all showing these specific characteristics, among others, so they become candidates.


I find it interesting that a single enthusiastic player can do more in the anti-botting movement than an entire company with all the data and who knows what tools at its disposal.

That truly shows how much commitment CCP has to wiping out botting. Bottom line, CCP can’t afford to wipe out bots, especially since they have now admitted that Eve is their only profit centre.

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Trust me. CCP has excellent tools for detecting bots. If you think botting today is prevalent, I hate to think what you would think of botting 5-10 years ago.

Great stuff, although I’m a bit skeptic about the integrity.
What you should do is hire some dedicated ratters go to a system without any rat activity and see how your algorithms Interpretate that data. (you got to be reaaaaly sure those are humans)


I am also a little sceptical about that “believe me it works” thing. It sounds like some witch hunting

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Let me guess: It detects high constant ratting activity which is basically useless because large alliances actually do have the krabbers to keep rat kills at a high level with only human manpower.

Skepticism is always a good and healthy thing. I alrady told what I’m looking for; persistence and consistence as the most important traits.

I have lived in the biggest alliances in Eve and I know very well that people can and will rat for long periods of time, without being bots. But if you notice, some of the most ratted systems does not appear on the list, mainly because people are not so consistent as bots.

Two examples of good candidates, and who also score very high on the list, are system with low ratting numbers:


Now, I’m not saying that those systems are inhabited by bots, the data are saying that ratting behavior is persistent and consistent.

It is purely my interpretation of that ratting behavior that leads to the systems being listed.

You are welcome to interpret the data in another way. I’m basing my interpretation on years of null experience, living there, ratting there and hunting bots there :slight_smile:

You realize with CCP npc miners there are Bots in most systems now?
How long before the npc’s start actually competing and killing one another making players really work for their other content?

The war against botting is over imo, it was the moment CCP started botting itself.

It would be interesting to pick 2-4 systems in HS that test high for bot activity, but low in total use and have direct human observation/testing of the pilots in the suspected systems over a set long time period (24-48 hours). Perhaps it would give you confirmation on the effectiveness of your program. I specifically wonder about HS, since I have observed behavior of players being present 24/7 actively running missions and other persistent active activities; null has always had a botting problem as long as I can remember. Ditto the marketing bots.

Is this CCP new anti-bot system? Only time will tell

Thanks for 500 unique visitors.

If you have found this website useful, I’d love to hear about it :slight_smile:


I see that the percentages have risen a lot last time I have seen them, like in beginning. There were only 2 or 3, just a few green cells, now basically half of what is there is green. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe these folks of shady business also keep an eye on the forum :clock3:

Couple of thoughts…

1: it would be nice to be able to sort by columns. For example, I would love to be able to sort by your percentage metric or region as both can give me a target.

2: is it possible to create a similar site for faction warfare that rates activity against completed FW sites? If not, no worries. Still that may be of value.

3: could system security be changed to drop the huge decimal and match what Eve states?

Otherwise awesome little tool. Even if it is not bots, it gives roamers some target systems to check.

I’ll do sort by columns, and round the sec numbers, no problem, though this is sparetime so not sure excactly when it’ll be done.

I can’t see CCP releasing data on completed fw sites, so can’t do that, unless you can point me to the data?