Don't spend money on eve - You can be banned for no reason at any time

This happens in other games as well. A decade ago, I had a separate WoW account for my 6 year old. She ddin’t even know how to use macros and her account was closed. Shrugged and stopped playing after that.

I think ban should be permanent for cheating botters.

actually fair enough. i suppose i might agree on another day but none of my gameplay was anything like botting. i havent played in years and in the few weeks since i came back i’ve been in high sec, low sec, nullsec, abyss and wormholes. buying selling chatting shooting npcs and players in gangs and solo, i’ve been in abyss, i’ve done exploration, solo pvp, faction war even ran a few missions in nullsec, i took a couple of new players out for a roam around lowsec, i bought my subscription and i funded my account with my own money. if my playstyle can trigger the algorithim someone like you who sits in high sec doing the same missions over and over again should certainly be considered suspect

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this is concerning. i just returned to the game and frankly i am reluctant to play, because i don’t know if my gameplay will raise any flags and get me banned for no valid reason. i also see there are way less daily active players than when i left, which worries me. at this rate, in 2 or 3 years there will be no one left.


Nope, nope, nope.

I’m not saying that false positives can’t happen. But this is getting ridiculous.

You were not banned out of spite for killing a dev.

You were not banned for clicking too much.

Saying CCP is wrong not to detail their bot fighting procedures because bots already posses the knowledge to bot is like saying alliances should try maintain opsec and limit intel leaks because there’s already spies in the alliance.

If you are actually telling the truth, know that we can’t help you resolve the issue. Best we can do is maybe help you identify something that might be causing a false positive. So, stick with giving us information about any programs that you think might cause an issue.

If you were cheating, and are now on here lying about it… kindly go ■■■■ yourself.


okay this makes sense. when i do faction war in a brawling ship i will sit right on top of the warp in with all my mods overheated and active. as soon as a player warps in i spam ctrl+click on him to start the lock, i also have to activate all my overheated tackle modules on them and spam approach with prop mod on. this is life or death for a brawler and after years of playing this way i can do it all really fast. i hope thats not what got me flagged, how am i supposed to undock not knowing what got me flagged? maybe next ban is permanent

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The “iron curtain” of managing intelligence doesn’t work in an age where anyone with a cell phone can open up a Google page and get all the information they could ever want for free.

Whenever I’m in charge of anything, I always treat the situation as if all security is already compromised, and instead manage and compartmentalize information in a way that lets me see where the leaks are, and doesn’t allow the enemy to construct a full picture with what they’re getting.

Once again, not discussing this more openly hurts legitimate players, while not affecting serial cheaters in any tangible manner.

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Do be aware that extremely sus players will sometimes make posts claiming that the GM’s stole from them, or banned them for making too much money, and stuff like that.

I’m not going to try to find it, but one guy pretty all but admitted to buying from an isk seller after making this huge stink.

I don’t know why the do it, or what they hope to accomplish, but I promise you that players will straight up lie about why GM’s took action against. So, do not assume that everything players say is 100% accurate.

i got a 3 day ban. if i was botting i’d take it on the chin, stop doing it and quietly move on. the fact that i don’t even know what caused this is whats making me feel so helpless, how can i undock without knowing why i got banned this time? if i do it again will i get permabanned?

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People are not ok with this .
Because people are not aware of this.

They think they do own these things .

They use their precious lifes for some made up universe because it gives them “ fun” and they are renting “ run away “ from real life . A fantasy world they rent does not even belong to them .
They have no rights at all . They can even stripped of from their human rights inside of that “ immersive experience “

Basically: every player must make a conscious decision .

We are talking about people who does not read what they sign under .
There are also some people who are aware. And accepted these conditions .
if everybody read and know these , and accept them consciously or refuse them consciously ………

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You should really be taking this up with ccp in your support ticket. The forum is just full of trolls. Just ask for a full investigation.


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