The Minerals I mine are free mentality

I’d bother doing an analysis of zkill data but total numbers do not reflect percentages, a higher number of suicide ganks per capita related directly to the decrease in total population. Sorry if you can’t comprehend that, limited thinking and all.

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There could be more risk for gankers (and also for victims) if Concord showed up at a randomised time instead of a set time.

Instead of a 13 second timer for a system of certain security, what if Concord shows up after somewhere between 8-18 seconds with 50% probability, or between 5 and 21 seconds with 100% probability?

There would be a lot more risk for the victims, but also for the gankers, as no gank is 100% sure to succeed, unless the gankers go for overkill and bring ships expecting a 5 second Concord timer, severely cutting their profits.

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Come now. You are wrecking all these threads just because you lost a Procurer?

That isn’t very kind. The topic of this thread is not about how to keep your Procurer safe in highsec, or how the mean suicide gankers made you feel so sad you went sperging all over the forums about how they are killing Eve like it was 2012 again. This thread is about “The Minerals I mine are free” mentality.

Yawn, so, again, a suicide gank supporter takes it outside of ingame resources and acts like a stalker. Pathetic at best, dangerous and socopathic at worst, screenshotted for legal purposes in case you go psycho.

Oh, I thought he was Noori Naarian.

No, just a butthurt highsec miner who lost a ship to some Provi suicide gankers.

We used to get these all the time, but now it seems more common that the Triglavians are source of such butthurt threads like this one. Like this one:

Times, they are a changin’ I guess.

I genuinely pity you, and the lonely game you want to create.

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Yeah, the Triglavians got their 3³ systems, so it might again be up to the gankers to keep the highsec force balanced.

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dat fit :scream:

On topic, the “minerals I mine are free” mentality is circumstantial, if I was running my old multibox setup when I was plexing each account then the minerals I mine would definitely not be free. i now run 1 account and merely dabble for fun not isk, so yeah they’re free.

That’s probably not too far from the truth.

A thousand years ago, I would’ve been a pretty-boy viking ramming my longboat into the shore-side hovels of the civilized gentry, killin’ all their women, stealin’ all their men, and rapin’ all their livestock. At least I think got that order right…

Anyways, in today’s world, my glistening pecs, golden, flowing hair, and chiseled buttocks are used for nothing but loading paper into the multi-function copier to print out my TPS reports for the day, then taking the bus home to my closet-sized studio apartment, where I eat barely-thawed hot-dogs over the kitchen sink in the darkness, before crying myself to sleep after downing enough cheap liquor to try to make the pain go away.

What else is there to do, really? I can’t even try to rob a bank, because the local cops have better gear than the army does.

Being a pirate in EVE is all I got left.


Yeah, “eventually”.

Except people have been telling this for 17 years now, and that’s only including EvE.

In fact people have been pretending that since the very first ganking happened in a video game, several decades ago.

Guess what?

The “eventually” never came and will never come. Games died, for sure, but I’ll die of old age before any game in the world actually ever die just because there is ganking in it.

omg this is the saddest most delusional thing i’ve ever heard, you wish your ancestors were the vikings, likely they were the victims / random nobodies victimized by other rich / militant factions. I pity you XD

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… Wah…

So… For real…

You didn’t understand that it was humor?

God damn it. Seriously bro. You can’t be that stupid. You are trolling. Please tell me you are.

Except oh look, the population of humans is steadily declining while the number of active accounts remains static, such an active game right? Not a sad ghost occupied by bots, newbs, and asshats at all!

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Woh, well played, you managed to found out that a 17 years old game cannot be immortal and loose players other times.

Good job, you really are the first to understand such a thing!

Now you only have to actually prove that the main reason why this happen is ganking and not the thousands of other reasons that might make people leave a game.

Good luck.

lol kid, congrats on having zero self awareness and wanting something you claim to enjoy to die

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So besides your attempt at accusing me of being a very bad guy, where is you proof that ganking is the reason why people are leaving and not other things?

Your answer is not a proof, not even an explanation.

Ganking is great. Suicide ganking is toxic and is only used for griefing, never for serious wars, that’s why code got dick slapped out of Niarja, suicide gankers can’t do real pvp.

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Yeah okay that’s cool.

That’s still doesn’t prove your point that it is “killing the game”.

You can believe that they are bad players and that they have no balls as much as you want, that does nothing to prove that their actions are killing EvE.