The Minerals I mine are free mentality

“The Minerals I mine are free” mentality is far more reaching than I realised, have you experienced this or do you hold this mentality?

Most people are familiar with the illogical idea that the “materials you obtain by yourself are free & thus should not be factored into the costs of manufacture.”.


How many are still paying real dollar to sub industrial and market accounts & why do you do it? Why not simply spend that on plex and sell for isk?

Why do you not factor the cost of your sub-sp farm into your cost of goods?


Maybe because some people do not consider their time spend in EVE as a job. Maybe they are just having fun doing that so the effort and time put into mining the resources needed to build a ship or modules is not considered as part of the cost of manufacturing.


It’s hard to believe, but some people are playing this as a game and don’t live in EVE universe.


Fun > grind, every damn time.


Frostpacker knows many tactics to move the competition away from the ice belt.

One is to enforce zero afk Orca mining like there seems to be currently on most belts in High sec. This requires 10+ alts all orbiting the main fleet Orca at different distances with mwd on. This will bump the afk players off the belt and Frostpacker had seen many Pilots who wish to just afk ice mine leave the belt to some other system where they can afk.

Frostpacker requires to perform such activities to enforce High Sec zero afk mining.

Is the illeism a stylistic choice?

Iceacid recognizes that Frostpacker is growing in size with in New Eden and this requires us to express ourselves like such.

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I don’t pay anything for minerals I take from other players
All minerals need to be mined
∴ Minerals I mine are free


Why do you care?

The only reason I can see for caring at all about how other people value their production process is because you think they’re selling things cheaper than your own accounting preferences because they “value their time wrong”.

If someone does something in a game, and continues to do it, and continues to pay for it, then presumably they are getting their money’s worth from their gaming experience. Whether you feel they are doing their accounting properly or not is irrelevant.


Everything costs you time.

This thread: image


I have always found the time:money conversion to be extremely inefficient and inelastic - more of a mental construct than a reality.

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It is propegated by those who know YOUR time = their money

Are those the people who invented “temporary” pay cuts?

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To only for the duration of the crisis.

Certain tiers of the organisational structure are of course essential during the crisis.

Note: Crisis may last as long as those tiers consider it to impact operations.

Bonuses for senior management may still be given while the general pay cut is in effect.

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Its a competitive market, and we wouldnt be as successul as we are without them.

Their expertise during this time is even more vital.

Yes, my observations of these people supports the idea that they are just as competent as the royalty was in previous generations. It would be chaos without them.


This is a narrow view of the “opportunity cost” problem.

In practice, yes, the ore you mine is yours. It has value, you have been paid for your time. If you are happy mining. I am not going to deny you happiness.

If you are looking at it from a purely wealth point of view, then you could have done another less fun task, earned more that way then bought the ore from someone else and still had a some cash left over.
And who am I to deny you the right to be rich and miserable?

Every Opportunity has the cost of “by doing X I didn’t do Y”. And there are many measures of value: enjoyment, ISK, reputation. They are all trade offs.

As a relaxing bit pf past-time I like mining - a gentle packing/optimisation puzzle. I am fully aware that I could earn at a faster rate doing abyssal runs, or taking the exploration ship down the layers of wormholes. But on occasions, I just like the contented feeling of a well packed ore hold.
The choice I make, and the Opportunity Cost I am willing to pay for making that choice is something I fully understand.

Of course, Economics (that old dead hand) is all based around monetary value rather than emotional or other values. But there you go…


New pilot here but I can understand the different mindsets.

Some people will min max everything. They create spreadsheets, cost out all inputs, taxes, effort and determine the profit for each stage of bringing something to market.

Others may like the vertical integration of doing everything themselves from gathering, to production to selling. Maybe they are not efficient at certain aspects and incur more costs than a competitor. Perhaps they are better off from a min max perspective of just selling their ore. But, they may simply enjoy all aspects of vertical integration and are willing to take a hit.

Both approaches are valid. Whatever is fun for someone I guess.