The Minerals I mine are free mentality

As a new pilot, if you understand that you’ll do alright!


A lot of people have difficulty with the concept that one thing can have different value to different people - that market transactions can make both parties better off.

What I find strange is that a lot of people critical of those who fail to extract maximum value from the ore they mine consider it perfectly reasonable to sell their mission loot/salvage to buy orders at a tiny fraction of it’s value!


You know, I first heard about that mentality when I first started playing Eve, but haven’t actually ever met someone who had it. Maybe it’s because it’s because there are a lot of people out there who debunk the idea that mined minerals are free (for example, I first heard about it in Eve University), or maybe it’s just a common misconception. IDK.

there is some mofos in FW that think the LP they farm is free
and them a frigate cost 10k lp + 2 million isk and they sell it for 8 million
way to go
devalue everyones work :frowning:

Personally, I have a single account I use. Thus, my subscription goes towards mining, manufacturing, and Omega-only modules, all at once. Not having any alts may be inefficient by some standards, but it would vex me to juggle multiple accounts.

I pay for a subscription to have fun, not to make ISK. I have a secondary account with 3 PI characters that gives me a lot of ‘extra profit’ and I do not take the sub cost into account.

Why not, you may ask me? Well, I have that second account subscribed to train into a fax alt. And I’m willing to pay for an extra subscription to eventually fly a capital ship. And as such, the industrial income from the 3 PI characters is a bonus, not the reason for the account.

I would be silly to put that PI profit into plex to pay for the secondary account, when I can easily pay for the subscription with real money and use the ISK from PI to have fun ingame.
Does that mean I have a ‘minerals I mine are free mentality’?

Another example: let’s say someone enjoys making ISK with industry as their main gameplay on a single character. Do you think he should pay for this single subscription with plex earned with industry, or do you allow him to pay for a subscription and use his earned ISK to have fun ingame?

The ‘minerals I mine are free’ mentality is silly. But so is the ‘I must be ISK efficient’ mentality. Pay for a subscription however you like and use your ISK however you like. Some people even pay real money to ‘earn’ ISK ingame!!1 :open_mouth:

Why do you not factor that most of the “minerals are free” people have fifty or more free characters and a free bot program running while they are doing something interesting with their time. Like joining CODE and ganking legit miners.

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Yeah my questions were not directed to you, you sub an account for omega access to modules & you may use other toons too offset your expenses with industry or whatever. I feel this is completely sane & I’d not consider you a free mineral or sub’d indy account truther.

My questions are directed at those people who run multiple indy accounts at a financial loss. One guy was threatning to unsub $150’s of industrial accounts on the forum yesterday. I just wanna know why anyone would pay $150 to run industry at a loss & gauge how many peeps are out there, by the comments on this topic there are plenty.

But why?

They could literally make more isk phr by logging out of eve and not playing & if they want to play pretend industrialist they could do it on SISI without crushing losses getting the same endorphin hit from ‘‘job complete’’ there.

Yet again your paying a sub for omega access for a dread and doing pi/indy on the side to supplement the cost of training this capital alt ect, I feel this is reasonable.

My question is directed at those who run multiple indy/market accounts at pure loss, losses so dire they need to subscribe to keep the account running. Losses so dire that even skill farming does not supplement their losses on these sub’d accounts.

At those who claim this is a whine post, it is not. I’m able to make 100’s of billions when required on 2 accounts & I think at last count I had something like 57 years of plex for both so started giving it away to plex for good.

I’m just curious to the mindset of those who pay to lose & those who would not consider just buying plex and selling it.

The guy you’re talking about was indeed ‘inefficient’ to say the least.

However, i fall into this category of having multiple industry and trade characters across several accounts and sub them all.

And the answer to your question has a few parts:

  • I also have combat/pvp characters on the same accounts that are absorbing resources. So if i plexed my accounts I’d also be selling plex to fund those characters.

  • Plus, it takes isk to trade isk so the less i spend on plexing accounts the bigger investments i can make and the more isk i can make.

My general take on eve is that people arguing against doing really pretty much any activity are wrong. IMO variety is the key to enjoying eve long term. I think you’ll enjoy the game more if you aim to figure out some fun way to keep each aspect of the game in your diet one way or another. E.g., I am not a big mining fan, but I manage to get some into the mix because I live in a WH and it is useful at times to do a bit of mining so I can make a replacement ship there instead of having to trundle back out to Jita. Honestly, it’d probably be more profitable to spend 100% of my time running sites and trundling to Jita, but I think I enjoy the game more by mixing it up, so I try to find ways to make other activities part of my process.

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Troll thread based on strawman gets no bites.

Gets annoyed when its called out and the flagging begins.

How modern.


That sounds unhealthy at first glance, to be sure, but this could be a case of ‘don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.’ Affordability is a relative term.
On the other hand, jfc 150 bucks?

because its fun to kill a miner
its like a theme park they pay a ticket (catalyst) to have the fun riding the roller coaster (killing a miner)
the time isn’t really wasted , every minute is enjoyable

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If killing something that doesn’t shoot back is thrilling for you, I pity you :frowning: you must have a very boring life.

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i dont gank miners
or like roller coasters that much
but a lot of people do
i was just making a analogy so you can understand how wrong you are

Why are people taking about time is money?

If you really believed that you shouldn’t be playing MMO’s unless you do as a professional gaming for competitions or blogs and anything legal that creates an income. Toy money doesn’t count.

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Because only people who want to abuse the game’s mechanics are right… tell that to the people getting rightfully banned for things like pulling concord. CCP > code.

Wait is how most hisec gankers feel?

omg such BS
no one is banned because of that