NPCs pod killing players in hi-sec, CCP have crossed the line!

First off, don’t use autopilot, it’s suicide, and second, when you are about to enter a Triglavian held system you are stopped and warned. Unless I suppose, if you have selected the “don’t warn me anymore” option.
I hate this too, but have learned the hard way not to mess about in trig systems, of for that mater in Edencom systems, they shoot me too. The best thing to do is treat all systems as though they are unsafe, they are, and never travel AFK.

@Noori_Naarian holy ■■■■, when did you come back??

@Jennifer_Ariston Sometime between 2015 and 2016 CCP added the Tyrannos Corp with Autothysian Lancers etc. These NPC’s are non-aggressive, but will attack if you attack them… These will pod you. So podding by NPC’s is not new.

That’s not fully true … trigs can appear in any system eligible for a Pochven entrance. Many more systems than minors. As most system losses where in Caldari space, the Jita area is infested more than other space.

The only solution is to invest the 20min getting a standing tick with trigs and Edencom.

whatever the defaults were, it still sent me through that area, what is a ‘minor victory nonsense’, see i am a returning player, ive not read up EVERYTHING about the new stuff yet, this is part of the problem, i read up on the more interesting things to my play style, and was reading more while bloody autopiloting, what is the point of autopilot if not for this exact thing?

i didnt know any of this stuff was in the game, and i wouldnt even expect it to, NPCs attacking players at gates in hi-sec, its absurd!, and then pod killing, what the actual F***.
NPCs camping hi-sec gates is ‘on the line’ but NPCs pod killing… its like finding out your best friend has been screwing your wife and was planning to bump you off…

its new for me, ive been away from eve since 2015

id never heard of Triglavian or EDENCOM until today, im not psychic, the reading for all the things new in EVE was already happening, i started with the things that most interesetd me, moon mining… if i had even some sort of hint that hi-sec NPC gate camping and pod killing was now a thing, i… well, may have read about that FIRST, and then not bothered to come back at all…

moon mining is not what it was either… we are in a resource scarcity phase.

Not really. The problem was that you went on autopilot when you came back. If you were at the keyboard you would not only have lived but you would have seen the rats and possibly looked up what they were.

Also before any of the trig content you still couldn’t autopilot even in just a pod. There were plenty of people that suicide ganked pods just for lulz. I lost a couple pods that way before never autopiloting a pod even in highsec. The toons that podded me were dedicated just to that purpose. Even with an empty pod it still was a loss of time having to go back again.

I think the NPC camps are partly existing because CCP neutered highsec so bad that players can’t do much other than suicide vs some groups. The NPCs offset the loss on destruction from the reduced PVP in highsec.

what is the point of autopilot then, and it was never suicide for cheap modules and quick afk transport before, when i last played properly in 2015… as back then, the only concern was always for players wanting to make some money killing you and taking what you had, i had little value so as usual, i deemed afk autopilot safe as i did not know about the trigs or edencom… (still reading moon mining)

and i was most definitely not ‘stopped’ by any warning, probably as it was autopilot, the warning was there, its what made me alt tab back in… just in time to see my ship blow up… now knowing that they also pod kill, i didnt leave the area either due to ‘wtf’ shock… like i said, if i even had a slightest hint that CCP would make NPC gate camps and pod killing in hi-sec a thing, i just wouldnt have even bothered to come back, im not psychcic, i cant just ‘know’ everything new when i suddenly decide to come back to the game, reading takes time…

i would have seen them but there would have been no time to see what they were, the attack was fast
, and i would not have survived the pod kill, as i would not have been expecting it from NPCs, cos as far as i ‘knew’ NPCs dont pod kill… last played 2015 remember… i mean some of my remaining Hulks are evn older, so old one even has 3 cargo rigs on it, and its only supposed to have 2 rig slots now, and this was obviously before the ore hold changes :smiley:

Didn’t NPCs pod in missions too? Something about AOE missile damage. IDK, before my time.

But to address the topic, why “should” podkilling be PvP only???

this is literally the first time i have been pod killed on a long afk autopilot shuttle trip… i played for years before i finally got bored of the ‘job’ of playing eve in 2015…

yes but that wasnt intentionally targeting the pod,

i dont understand your thinking, like you dont understand mine… pod killing should be a player v player only thing, i have no other info to go with this to explain it, its just how i feel it should be, was before, and should have remained!


Okay. Well trigs don’t care about your feeeeelllliinnggss.

Be more careful in the future.

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clearly neither do CCP :smiley:

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Found the problem.

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ive already explained my point 3 times, read things you dipshit, im not explaining it again

Idk how long you played before you quit back in 2015, but considering the age EVE was then, you should know that things COULD and WOULD have been different than when you last played… Considering EVE is constantly changing and updating etc.

Line crossing confirmed. Over.

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Welcome back @Jennifer_Ariston

Reading the Angry Veteran Player post about returning to New Eden to autopilot while in a shuttle through a heard of friendly Edencon members makes me question when would you like to start mining?

I can supply a barge and boost you with Frostpacker Orca mining boost if you wish to join me in a fleet some day. I too dislike the NPC pod deaths and I wanted to stop by and say there there, things can only get better once your fully return.

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