Rest in peace player

Last week a player who had a disability but enjoyed EVE Online and played happy until two months ago has bio massed themselfs. Hope your sprit lives on, while your body has departed peacefully.

During the years that this person lived they found EVE online and started playing EVE when high sec was safe, due to their slow disabled reactions they went into mining and manufacturing with a bit of mission playing. So yes they were totally PVE and non PVP.

Then the bots appeared which was annoying when mining, but EVE tried to tackle these.

After many years of peaceful EVE mining came a high sec killing corp that killed miners unless you paid them, however the disabled player refused to pay the bullies but stood up to the bullies.
The disabled player got forced to change locations a few times (not their choice) till they found a home that was peaceful and mined.

It was safe due to the area the disabled player mined in was not touched by the bullies, till two months ago. Then the disabled player started losing ships and ore but still refused to pay the bullies who say they are only role playing.
After constant day after day being bullied to buy protection from them and no longer able to mine peacefully in high sec this disabled player had enough and departed this world and the other world, may they rest in peace.

I hope that the person that started all this high sec killing miners and the players that play like that think about that before they kill another PVE miner in high sec, as it may effect the player in game and in real life that have a mental disabilty…
I know this will be trolled and players will say its a pvp game, however it was a great game that allowed both pve and pvp till the high sec killing miners came along.
I look at CCP and the players to see if they will stop this bulling happening again as it may cause another real life concequence to occur or devise a mechanics that allow someone that cant pvp to pve without trouble like the old days.


High sec has never been more safe than it is now. There have never been PvE safe spaces in EVE. Ever.

If you let a video game affect your real life, you have serious issues…

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Takes experience to know that.

PS: “I quit”-threads and “Eulogy”-threads should be posted in OoPE.

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Cool story bro.

Why didn’t you tell him to mine in a tanked Skiff?

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Like when an hour of mining was stolen right out of the can by some bleepedy blank bleephole in a hauler?

Anyways, I’m so sad to see him go… without him sending me his stuff. If more players will do that I am going to report them for ganking. How horrible is it to leave without giving me something? I never pirated! I’m going to crawl in my corner now, sobbing about EVE being unfair and hard

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May he rest in peace… o7


You can get lots of corpses for the new boosters before biomass.
I’m not even sure that Biomass it not usable for PI and/or boosters.

Allow me to preface by saying “if I’ve read this right then…”

First of all, if the pot is black call it black. He didn’t “biomass” himself, he killed himself. Dressing it up with a pretty bowties does nothing but diminish it.

Second, whether or not he had a disability is moot. Eve is Eve. He might have wanted Eve to be different, but we want it to be the way it is. More to the point, the devs want it to be where it is. Disability or not, the fault was his for playing a game he could not handle. We’re all expected to know our limits in life.

Third, the Eve community for all of its harshness, is one of the most incredible at coming together when you need help. Broadcast For Reps is but one example. He could have reached out for help, and he would have found it in pretty much any corner of Eve.

Lastly, it’s not bullying. There was no malice (true malice, towards him as an individual) in their action, there was no hate, they were simply playing the game the way it was literally designed to be played. I say this as someone who nearly killed myself in my youth to escape real bullying, where there literally was no way out of it. I’m glad I didn’t. But if he could not handle the way the game was playing, all he had to do was find a different game.

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Did you know there is a dedicated sub forum for these stories:


Ganking has always been an option.

Dont blur the line between real life and a video game, mate.

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Exactly, I felt like this story was told incorrectly… idk whether to give condolences or flag it for falcon to move to fiction

Without the poorly disguised “gankers are teh evil!!11!” spiel the OP may have been believable. People kill themselves every day, for all sorts of reasons, some of them daft; but in general it’s not because someone blew up their pretend spaceship in a game where pretend spaceships explode.

As for the spiel, lol, hisec is not, never has been and never should be safe; the crimewatch mechanic, which covers ganking, is there explicitly to allow players to make it unsafe for others.

TL;DR Ganking has been happening in hisec since beta; there was no need for the pity troll if you wanted to moan about it.

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If this is true this is indeed sad,however if you cared so much perhaps you should have made an effort to find a nice quiet place away from the troublemakers for this person .Most of deep nullsec is very safe and if he would’ve had an active caring corp they could’ve kept him safer still and in an environment that wouldn’t frustrate him.

Fact of the matter is we don’t know who it is on the other side of the screen and because of the trollish nature of so many players we dismiss any care for the players we attack ingame be it they are in highsec nullsec wormholes whatever.

My best suggestion to anyone who ever is in contact with another player who would struggle ingame due to a disability or is affected somehow mentally or emotionaly due to real life is to

A)Contact broadcast for reps and hopefuly they can get in touch with someone caring for that person or close to them irl to prevent a tragedy.

B)Find them a place in a large powerful coalition that has groups specificly for them i believe goons and maybe test had some not sure tho but I’d always try to go for option A

If the game could be damaging to them it’s best someone close to them irl gets notified and they can be persuaded to cease playing EVE for their own sake.

I smell something, the delicate scent of tears. But it’s mixed with a slight and distant smell of troll perspiration.

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