There's a few things I have to get off my chest that is just really irking me

I can’t PVP because I’m a real life disability I have spastic cerebral palsy when I get under a fast-paced it gets me too excited and I start to shake as part of my disability so I just can’t do it I can ramble on for hours but then I realized my post was too long so I cut it short and sweet that’s why

I enjoy mining salvaging and ratting and you’re going to ask me how do I ratting it’s pretty simple ratting you can use a lot of drones and you have a lot more time to make decisions you’re not under pressure

So I’m going to put it out there like this next time you think about taking someone on maybe get to know them and understand why they say they don’t like PVP and when they say it’s because of real life disability maybe take that into account just a thought.

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Mental disorders in Eve online

I do believe some people develop mental disorders by playing this game
Pathological lying
God complex
Anxiety disorders
Severe paranoia
avoidant personality disorder

I myself tend to make people mad because I look at ships with a real-world dollar amount because of Plex
that my personal play style for anything under 2 billion because really a billion is like $11 USD

So yes is a capital pilot I would be more careful but right now as a sub cap pilot it’s a different game at the different business as a capital pilot you’re a different bracket of taxes and cost level completely

it makes me mad for a few minutes but honestly after that I just go grab a barge or whatever I can afford until the next time I can buy more Plex can I replace my orca or whatever ship I want to fly and I couldn’t afford until I could buy it again

that’s me do I like losing things no is it the end of the freaking world by no means I lost my dad back in 2003 that’s what I think end of the world events for at least 6 months losing a ship in this game is not the end of the world folks

you guys get too damn been out of shape of our losses someone told me the other night after they scam me out of 400 million I had 19 billion in losses I’m like okay I can replace them big deal

PS I grew up in a logging business in left seat of a log truck watching my dad build his business from the ground up so when I name a corporation I did it with honor and I did it with a lot of thought care this time And that is what i want to be known for in Eve online I want to be known as a hard-working Mining and salvaging Corporation

what I eventually like to get back down to NS under the right circumstances yes because my Ultimate Dream goal it’s become Capital mining pilot of rorqual do I understand profit and loss yes I do is it big for me right now until I become that pilot no will it be then yes because it would hurt a lot more

~ Capsular Jennifer Austin docking up turning on her console so she can read the comments~

CEO of Cesarino Mining and salvaging

I have to apologize to the MITTANI when it comes to business we are going to agree to disagree but I will apologize for some of my rude comments in the past I did not understand him as well as I do now after watching him on Imperial news last night I will try not to take everything so personal in the future


EVE is toxic

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I don’t think it toxic I think that CCP needs to get a handle on what they allow because they have a lot of the become toxic but is it toxic as a game no is it toxic in the form of the game it is now it’s becoming very very toxic even in the economy of the game is starting to get affected by how much before scamming

Adding to your list, Paranoia. After a few losses and a healthy dose of betrayal, you develop this trait…


Honestly I’m trying not to develop that trade but I can see why people have it and that’s why I think Eve needs to do something about the big scamming maybe some bigwig someday at CCP will grow a pair and say this is enough but until then this is what we have I guess I’m just very frustrated

I don’t know if it’s true that people develop these conditions as a result of playing, or indeed if they have them before playing. Most people role play because they can, as an outlet or because it’s fun. Most verbal conflict in the game and perceived bullying is, in my experience, as a result of over reaction by the ‘victim’ after being killed such as making threats, harsh words and what have you. A strange switch really, those who are playing the game are the ‘bad guys’ and those who make rl threats and stalk are the ‘good guys’ :slight_smile:


I have no problems with people not liking PvP. In fact, attempting to minimize loses and stay out of trouble is totally fine, as long as one understands that in a sandbox it is also perfectly fine for other players to attempt to shoot or steal your assets. Pursue whatever you find entertaining. It is your hobby and your time. Do what you enjoy.

I don’t quite agree with your opinion, that eve develops mental disorders though. If one can differentiate eve from real life, then no matter the villainy one experiences in the game, one should understand that it is still a game and nothing of real value is lost. It obviously might still leave a sour taste in your mouth, just like losing a huge pot in poker on a suck out, but I don’t see how the game itself would affect your mental health. The only cases I can see one getting affected, is if the individual already have some predisposition towards some mental disorders in the first place.


People are, not spaceships. If i cross path with you i will kill you, loot you wreck and add your corpse to my collection. But i love you. :kissing_heart:


Please, dear OP, whatever are your personal issues, don’t project them onto others.

Take care.


They could put it in their bio.

Or maybe have a no Pvp marker.

Like a red flag, or purple heart, or white moon.

Or yellow star.

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Like a mining permit?



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I love how this guy say eve is toxic, but when going through his posting history on the forums, he seems to have quite a few toxic posts himself.

Perfect example of how the “Good guys” are actually the most toxic ones.


The game only gives you back what you put in.

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that is lie… I put in heart, full of love, passion and what game gives me back?Nothing

And what’s your lesson here?

Well, some succeed where others fail.


Ok, there are UI-based scams that maybe CCP should do something about - like the trade window skullduggery or maybe even margin trading scams - but otherwise Eve is an open sandbox game where players can trade as they want. There is a continuum from ‘good deal’ to ‘outright scam’ when it comes to players making deals. CCPs’s hands-off approach to scams came more from out of necessity than a design as it would be impossible to police scams.

If I post an overpriced item and someone buys it, is that a scam? If I loan a player something and they lose it unintentionally, but refuse to pay me back is that a scam? If I hire some mercs to defend my structure and they lose or are overwhelmed have I been scammed? Maybe in some cases the other side was acting in bad faith, but you would need a massive legal system to resolve many of these disputes and CCP isn’t going to wade into that mess.

Being out-played in a deal is part of the competitive game. This is a cutthroat economic simulator after all. You are not forced to enter into any deal, so if you aren’t comfortable navigating the waters of good and bad deals, stick to reputable places like the market. And you join a joint business venture like a corp, don’t expose more than you a comfortable losing to the enterprise. Business ventures fail, even get exploded in a violent place like New Eden, and business partners can turn you.

Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose doesn’t just apply to ships; it is equally good advice for business arrangements. Scams can’t hurt you if you don’t expose your assets to risk, which is easy to do given the rules of the game.


That s not my fault, that my ceo has problem with reading with understanding

Is the name of the first step of the stairway to hell.