Criminal Timer in High Sec Space

So if someone commits a criminal act (like remote assistance to a criminals) in low sec space, CONCORD will not respond. Gate guns have short term memory issues. But if they were foolish enough to jump into a high sec system, CONCORD will kill them, so in this case the timer being 15 minutes as opposed to 1, 5, or 45 minutes matter. If the criminal act was committed in High Sec Space, CONCORD will get them no matter what (even if a bit too late to save the victim) and in a lot less than 15 minutes, so does it really matter that the timer lasts longer than the time it takes for them to die?

What are you talking about?

If you commit a criminal timer in highsec, concord responds in a few seconds depending on the system security level. You criminal clock of 15 minutes start from the time you commit it in highsec. And they will keep killing you if you undock in anything other than you pod during that 15 minutes.

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Oh, so they won’t just kill you once? I see

Nope, they will not pod you. So you can undock in a pod. But if you undock in a ship during that 15 minute timer, they will kill you every time.

And the timer will reset each time you are killed too. :wink:

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