If someone destroys a Capsule in high security space, their capsule should be destroyed by CONCORD as well

As the title says. If you pod someone in highsec, CONCORD should also pod you in return. Eye for an eye.

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ok, people that are going to pod you in highsec won’t have any implants and will likely have their med clone very close by; this will not have any affect on anything at all.


Maybe it’s a cathartic thing for OP.


Generally speaking, NPCs will not kill pods. Some of the newer ones do, but my understanding is that they use an entirely different logic tree than older ones like CONCORD. So making this change would be non-trivial from a software standpoint.

But more importantly…why? CONCORD is there to discourage criminal activity. Pods can’t commit criminal acts, so it seems like podding criminals is beyond their mandate.

-1. Hard change to make that doesn’t serve any real purpose and actively goes against what CONCORD is supposed to do.

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If CONCORD did that, how would there be an opportunity for a player to ever get revenge?


CONCORD will be doing the revenge for you. It’s their purpose after all.

It doesn’t matter if podder uses implant or even if it makes things easier for him to return faster. It’s just a matter of principle. Concord should do what it’s made for even when it comes to pods.

Concord is an invulnerable God NPC. They shouldn’t exist at all. Arguing about what makes sense in this case is dumb. Gankers would work around this effortlessly. In fact, it might save them the trouble of waiting out their weapon timers.

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But how is that fun? What if I want to shoot the criminal?


“CONCORD stole my frag!”


Weakling. Show us the killmail that made you post this thread.

Just no

Yes, great idea!!! That way I dont have to warp back to station!!


They already hog so many ship kills… now OP wants them hogging the pod kills as well? Come on now.


The purpose of CONCORD is to enforce the rules of aggression in highsec. They do not care about your ship or your pod and they do not avenge anyone.


So the inspiration for your idea is that you got beat and you want the people who beat you to be auto obliterated because you can’t do it yourself…sore loser much?

Anyways, the people who ganked you probably have no implants.

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So…how much did you lose in implants?

I haven’t been ganked, nor ever podded in highsec because I play for less than 3 months and always hire RFF to haul for me. This idea just came up when I was thinking about what CONCORD does.

You know what this game really needs?


Every rookie ship should come equipped with a huge stack of lube,
so people like the OP can apply it before they leave the starter system!

It’ll help them getting ready for the actual game!

We should suggest this to Hilmar,
though I think he doesn’t actually like using lube.

Not sure about that but this game definitely needs less people that jump to conclusions and start mocking you when they don’t like your suggestion.

What’s wrong with that?
Plus, I don’t dislike your suggestion.
It’s just dumb.
Doesn’t mean I dislike it.
Why should people not be mocked for dumb suggestions?

Just because you don’t understand that it’s dumb …
… doesn’t mean I can’t mock it for being dumb.

Do you hate free speech??