Penalty for podding an attacker in high-sec?

(Durhur Atruin) #1

Quick question here. If I get attacked in high-sec by somebody random, and I either blow 'em up or wait for Concord to do it. Could I then pod that person without penalty?

I know Concord will look the other way if I shoot back, and gives me rights to attack them for a limited time. What I wonder is if that includes podding, or if it’s just the ship destruction.

(Erethond) #2

If they attacked you in HS, they should be criminals (ie red and flashy), which means you can engage them freely.

(yellow parasol) #3

To quote (former) CCP SoundWave:

Death to all pods! :smiling_imp:

(Durhur Atruin) #4

All right, thanks guys.

Just to be safe, though, I’ll test this concept in something cheap :grinning:

(Black Pedro) #5

If you keep your safety locked to ‘green’, nothing bad can happen to you. The game will prevent you from doing anything that might directly endanger your ship.

(Durhur Atruin) #6

That’s simply not true. It prevents you from doing anything criminal, but it definitely doesn’t prevent you from endangering your ship.

Other people are still free to attack you; to gank you as you mine/haul/run missions/etc…

There are also plenty of NPC threats out there that the green security setting won’t protect your ships from.

You are never truly safe in EVE.

(Black Pedro) #7

To be pedantic, the green flag prevents you from acquiring any flags that allow other players to attack you without CONCORD intervention. It prevents you from inadvertently taking a ‘penalty’ by preventing you from taking any illegal action in highsec as was your question. Obviously, you are open to any criminal retaliation just like everyone else is all the time in New Eden.

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ALWAYS a good idea. :wink:

(Chocolate Pickle) #9

You always have the right to return fire.

There are no situations where a person will be shooting at you (legally or illegally) where you aren’t allowed to shoot them right back.

Now, once you shoot at them, they’re allowed to shoot at you. They will continue to suffer any penalties of any illegal actions they took towards you before, but they’ll suffer no new penalties once you shoot them.

(Memphis Baas) #10

Keep in mind that you need warp disruption and fast target locking to catch pods; they align and warp away very fast. When your enemy’s ship explodes, they can spam the warp-away button; you on the other hand have to target-lock the pod, warp disrupt it so it doesn’t get away, and/or shoot it.

Don’t try to use smartbombs in high-sec, you’ll hit some bystander (player or NPC) and get Concorded.

(Rosov Aulmais) #11

The only penalty I can think of is that if that player belongs to an NPC corp you will receive a large standing loss to that NPC corp.

(Durhur Atruin) #12

That’s a good point. Thank you.

(Donnachadh) #13

Been flying logi so long on my low sec character I am not sure if this is true or not. It seems that one looses sec status (moves you towards or possibly further into the negative side of the standings scale) for shooting a pod anywhere in empire space (high and low sec). I still believed it to be true based on the comments heard from the DPS pilots on comms and the crap I take because my characters sec status is barely into the negative side of life. So that brings the question to those who are more familiar does this loss still happen?

Why do I ask, because it is relevant to the questions asked by the OP. While it is legal to shoot back once shot at and no standing loss of any kind would occur for shooting their ship, one should at the very least be aware of any sec status loss that may come as a result of shooting someones pod and since I am not sure of this I simply bring it up for others to comment on.

OP sec status is separate from your other standings and I bring this up because once your sec status drops to -5 you are a target for everyone the moment you enter high sec. If you play tha majority of your time in high sec watching your sec status is an important part of that game style.

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