If someone destroys a Capsule in high security space, their capsule should be destroyed by CONCORD as well

IMHO this is the critical idea killer point.


Again, just no.

This suggestion earns 9 out of 10 Mockie Awards, and should get a monument in Jita that we can all shoot at. In the form of a capsule perhaps…

If you disagree with something, give a proper, cold answer instead of mockery. If you mock someone you’re the one that’s making fool out of himself.

Also, free speech may permit you to make yourself look like a fool by mocking others and insulting them, but it doesn’t mean you should. I’m suggesting what you should act like. If you don’t want to take the advice, move on. Did I ever say I was going to restrict you from talking?

So if you pod jump in hisec…would that be like dividing by zero?

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